Happy Birthday Joss Whedon – Our gift is to fight for Equality

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead (1901 – 1978), US anthropologist


It’s Joss Whedon’s Birthday today! And what better gift can we give as fans, than to take up his cause for gender equality. So please take a moment to learn about the work that Equality Now is doing to make our world a better and safer place, and how you can help.


This week’s Why We Are Here is a special one. It is dedicated to all of the caring fathers out there in the world. Equality moves both ways, and we need to remember that when walking and working with our male counterparts in humanity’s symphony. There are plenty of wonderful courageous men who work hard for equality right alongside the womenfolk and who practice doing the right thing. At the same time, there are many who have dedicated themselves to learning how to do the right thing, in spite of thousands of years of cultural influence. It is because of the education and other programs backed by Equality Now (and other worthy institutions) that these seekers of truth and equality have the chance to change the imbalance.

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Can’t Stop the Serenity events raise much needed funds for Equality Now. But we do more than that. We aim to spread the signal about Equality Now campaigns and how you can get involved in changing the world.

This week, we’d like to draw your attention to a disturbing situation in Japan – Rape simulator games and the normalization of sexual violence.

A schoolgirl around 12 years old travels on a commuter train. A man who has been following her gropes and sexually molests her. Eventually the train stops and she runs frightened into a public toilet, followed by her assailant who handcuffs and rapes her. The assailant takes her prisoner and repeatedly rapes her in various locations. Her mother and teenaged sister suffer the same fate. This family is targeted for rape as punishment because the older sister had previously reported to the police the attempted sexual assault of another woman by the rapist.

This is the storyline of RapeLay, a rape simulator computer game produced by Illusion Software and sold in Japan. Prior to issuing this Action Equality Now brought RapeLay to the attention of Amazon Japan which also sold the game. Since then it has removed the game from sale, however it continues to sell similar titles based on stalking and sexually molesting women and girls.

You can help stop this appalling so-called “entertainment” by writing to Illusion Software asking it to withdraw immediately from sale, whether online or any other outlets, all games, including RapeLay, which involve rape, stalking or other forms of sexual violence or which otherwise denigrate women, and to Amazon Japan asking it to remove all games that simulate sexual and other forms of violence against women and girls. Write also to the Japanese government officials (details here) calling on them to comply with Japan’s obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Japanese Constitution to eliminate discrimination against women and particularly to ban the sale of computer games such as RapeLay, which normalize and promote sexual violence against women and girls.

Visit Equality Now for more information on how you can join this campaign.


While the majority of profits from a screening go to Equality Now, organizers can choose to donate up to 25% to other charities of their choice. Many choose to give to local charities or other global charities that have special meaning to Browncoats.

This week, we’d like to tell you about BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation, which is being supported by CSTS Vancouver.

The BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation raises much needed funds for BC Women’s, the only facility in British Columbia, Canada devoted primarily to the health of women, newborns, and families. Located in Vancouver, they provide a range of specialized, tertiary, primary and secondary health services that address the needs of women of all ages and backgrounds, as well as training for providers across the province.

The BC Browncoats will be donating 20% of the profits from CSTS Vancouver to this very worthy cause.


To each and every one of you wonderful folks who have come to a CSTS event, bought a ticket for an upcoming event, donated via raffles and auctions, bought some global merchandise or donated online… THANK YOU! You are why this event continues to be so successful. Your enthusiasm and your passion for Firefly/Serenity and Equality Now are a cause for celebration.

And to Joss Whedon, who’s creativity and passion led us to create Can’t Stop the Serenity: THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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