2010 Promotional Art Contest


Do you love all things Serenity? Do you love doing good works? Do you have mad artistic skillz?

Then there’s probably no power in the ‘Verse more compellin’ then a request for you and your awesome creativity.

Calling all Big Damn Artistical Heroes… We’re putting the signal out to those of YOU with the guts and artistic skills necessary to create the Official Promotional Artwork for CSTS 2010.

One lucky winner’s design will be featured on t-shirts, posters and promotional material and only one can achieve world fame.

Should you accept this mission and seek to become an artistic part of the CSTS 2010 crew, you’ll have to follow the basic guidelines listed below. The reward is shiny, the cause is mighty and we’re sanguine (as in the hopeful sense of the word) that the competition will be mighty fierce… what with all the amazing and compelling art you’ll be sending in.

So saddle up, release your inner muses and submit your artwork to us today! We look forward to seeing all that positivity and creativity we know all you Browncoats have stored inside you.

Keep flyin’ shiny!
Christine (via Anne’s perfect 2009 prose)

And now, we’d take it as a kindness if you’d read up further on the competition guidelines. For more information please continue on to our forums.

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