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Welcome to Can’t Stop the Serenity for 2011! This year marks our 6th Annual CSTS season and we are proud to welcome back our fellow Browncoats, veterans of the cause, mentors and new organizers alike. We’re grateful and excited that you’re interested in holding your own CSTS event to raise money for Equality Now. The information below will help you host an official CSTS Screening or Affiliate Event. Just take the time to read about each and decide which type of event you wish to run.

The CSTS Screenings constitute the bulk of events for each season. Joss Whedon’s “Serenity” is shown on the ‘big screen’ at these events in conjunction with auctions, raffles, contests, merchandise sales and other multimedia (pending licensing arrangements).

If you’re unable to organize a Screening Event (due to funds, location or proximity to other Browncoats), an Affiliate event may be the answer. This can be any kind of event, such as a BBQ, dance party, or trivia night.

Once you’ve decided, you can begin planning at once. Take advantage of Event Resources to help you and your team with the planning process. There you will find valuable information on selecting a date, finding a venue, budgeting and financing, organizing film licensing (You DO NOT need to obtain licensing before submitting your registration form, though once you’ve been registered as a city, you will need to follow up with us and let us know when you do obtain it), advertising, sponsorship, ticketing, keeping records, and more.

Next, you need to tell the Global Team about your plans so that you can become an official event. This year, there is a two step registration process – Pre-Registration and Registration.

Pre-Registration gives the Global Team some basic information about your plans, such as which city your event is being planned in, the event type (screening or affiliate) and the contact information of the organizers. This form will be reviewed by the Global Team and if it’s all in order, we will provide you with access to the CSTS Organizers Forum where you’ll have access resources and information needed to captain a successful CSTS event, as well as room to share and discuss your plans with other organizers.

Once you’ve set a date and booked your venue, you must complete the Registration Form. This form will be reviewed by the Global Team and if it’s all in order, we will confirm your status as an Official CSTS Event.

Being an official CSTS Event City means that you become part of the wonderful CSTS community which comes with some amazing perks. We’ll help you raise money for Equality Now by providing access to official CSTS merchandise and items from our wonderful sponsors to use as auction/raffle/contest prizes. Your event will be listed on our website and linked to your own website, and be promoted by the Global Team. You’ll be given access to our forums to talk with other organizers who have come before and continue to triumph. Your event’s charitable donation will be added to the 2011 Global Donation Total. And you’ll get the support of other shiny people who are traveling this journey with you! In other words, you get a lot.

Register your intention to hold an event

Complete the Pre-Registration form online: CLICK HERE FOR PRE-REGISTRATION

Once your Pre-Registration form has been approved by the Global Team, your CSTS Forum user profile will be promoted to Organizer status, which will give you access to the Organizers Only forum.

If you have already set a date and organized your venue, you do not need to complete this form. You must complete the Registration form.

Register your event

The Registration Form should only be completed once the details for your event have been finalized (including venue, date, event times and ticket price).

Complete the Registration form online: CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION!

You will receive a confirmation email stating that it has been received and is being reviewed by the Global Team. Please allow 48 hours for the review of your Registration Form. Once your event has been approved, you will receive an email from the Global Team confirming your status as an Official Registered Event.

Note: You are not officially registered until you receive a second email stating so. The first email is a confirmation of receipt only.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Event Window: This year, to keep the vision of Can’t Stop the Serenity as focused as it was when we first began, we will only be accepting event dates between 1 June 2011 and 30 September 2011. Registration Forms received for events outside these dates will not be accepted.

Pre-Registration Deadlines:

You may register your interest at anytime until 1 June 2011. No Pre-Registration forms will be accepted after this date.

Event Registration Deadlines:

The primary Event Registration deadline is 31 March 2011.

Registering by 31 March 2011 allows the Global Team to more accurately calculate Global Prize Sponsorship and Merchandise quantities.

We understand that events being held towards the end of the event window may not have everything in place by this time or you may have only recently discovered “Can’t Stop the Serenity” and decided to host an event. So, depending on when your event will be held, there are different deadlines for when your Registration form is due.

For events to be held in June-July – no later than 31 March 2011

For events to be held in August – no later than 30 June 2011

For events to be held in September – no later than 31 July 2011

No Event Registration forms will be accepted after 31 July 2011.

Please note: Registering after 31 March 2011 may mean that you miss out on a few very cool things. You won’t be listed on the official merchandise (eg. T-shirts, posters etc), and you may not have access to the same number of Global Sponsorship Prizes and merchandise options (as quantities will be based on the number of Registration Forms received by 31 March). However, your event will still be listed on our website as an official event.

Global Donation Deadline:

Donations to Equality Now and any local charities must be made no later than 6 weeks of your event. The Global Team will confirm that your donation has been received, and it will then be added to the Global Donation Total for 2011.

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