CSTS starts this weekend!

Pull on your Jayne hat, and grab your brown coat because Can’t Stop the Serenity is officially ON! This weekend sees events kick off in Nottingham (UK), Norfolk VA (US), Philadelphia PA (US) and Melbourne (AUST).

Fans lucky enough to attend these events have lots of excitement to look forward to! There’ll be screenings of Serenity and Dr. Horrible, costumes, awesome prizes and more. So if you’re in the area, make sure you join us. It’ll be a wild ride, that’s to be sure!

And if you were among those who got an unintentional sneak peek of a certain Big Damn Hero’s message to CSTS attendees, you were lucky indeed. But if you didn’t, fear not! You can get in on the action (and the inspiration) at your local CSTS event and via livestream of CSTS Los Angeles on 25 June.

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