A Word from our Sponsors: Why We Support CSTS

This is the first in a series from our sponsors. We asked them why, year after year, they support Can’t Stop the Serenity & Equality Now.

First up, one of our Lifetime Sponsors, Andy Gore, CEO of Quantum Mechanix:

“We all got on this boat for the same reason: To make awesome stuff for the greatest TV show ever and to serve the community of Browncoats (to which we belong).

Some folks said we were crazy to put all that love into a show that only lived half a season. But we didn’t listen, because miracles happen only when you push ahead against the odds. And maybe only when you’re crazy. But gorammit, if it didn’t work. So here we are, seven years later, still honoring Firefly the best way we can and loving every minute of it.

Supporting CSTS is another way we serve the Browncoat community. It’s important. It’s a cause we believe in. And it’s one we’re proud to help.”

Thanks QMx for continuing to support Can’t Stop the Serenity.



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