A Special Thank You to our Art Crew!

Can’t Stop the Serenity has been extremely lucky to work with some amazing artists over the years, and it’s our pleasure to thank the 2012 crew! Phil (with the assistance of Karen) have been hard at work all year, turning this year’s promotional artwork contest winners design into art suitable for t-shirts, posters, patches, web-banners and more. And Liam has pulled off yet another fantastic Global Intro Video, which featured cast and crew plus a very moving piece on Equality Now.

As we wind down from the 2012 season, let’s hear a little from two of the team…

Phil Towle, Art Director for Can’t Stop the Serenity 2012….

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Oh wait, wrong galaxy. My love of Sci Fi started, like many, when as a kid I wanted nothing more than to be a Jedi (occasionally Han Solo). I grew up reading, watching and attending anything to do with Star Wars (that’s me with Mark Hamill!) and, for a long time, I found nothing that matched the spirit of adventure I’d discovered in those films….until a certain bunch of Space brigands entered my life in the early 2000’s. I’d already grown up with Buffy, Angel and co and the potent combination of the mighty Whedon and gunslingers in space proved almost too much for my tiny mind to comprehend. I immediately fell in love with Firefly.

It was a few years later (it took me a while to get over the death of Wash) that I stumbled upon CSTS and the global screening events. What were these events about? Who was running them? Why was I attracted to Kaylee instead of Inara? I needed answers dammit and luckily my town just happened to have a dedicated team of Browncoats on hand to guide my through the trickier parts of the ‘verse. The rest, as they say, is history. I attended the local screenings, ended up doing Artwork for the Sending A Wave podcast and ultimately contacted CSTS to see if they could use my design experience at all. I’d love to continue into 2013 and help the CSTS brand build awareness and take over the world! (Mine is an evil laugh)

Liam Merrick, Global Video Coordinator for Can’t Stop the Serenity 2010-2012…

I’ve been interested in sci fi and fantasy since I was a kid. There’s been a few shows that I’ve really enjoyed but I think Firefly was the first show that really blew me away. When I ventured to my first convention, I spent most of the time hanging round the Melbourne Browncoat booth. I soon started attending their events and volunteering to help out. At the time I was studying Film and TV, and found that my technical skills could be used not only to help at a local level but a global level. I started by editing the 3-6 minute introduction video. That was in 2010. Since than I’ve filmed interviews and shoutouts with some of the creatives and actors involved with Firefly and other Whedon shows, I’ve edited numerous videos throughout the years and I’ve helped planning and promoting events. I’ve really enjoying not only being creative but also helping out for a very good cause. So even if it’s helping out on the day, it’s worth getting involved with Can’t Stop the Serenity. But if you can, it might be fulfilling to help plan the event at a global level.

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