Message from Dave

Hello Browncoats! We’re coming up on our eighth year; who would
have believed that a grass roots movement based on a failed TV show and
a movie that barely broke even would have lasted this long or done so
much good.

A guy had an idea and others bought into it, nurtured it and
now here we are. I don’t know the names of all the plank owners, the
organizers of the first events, but one day I will and if I ever meet
you I’ll certainly buy the first round.

We’ve been asking around for ways to make things better and we’ve received some good ideas.
First, the registration process is being streamlined.
Second,we’re going to open up the event window to include April and May. Our hope is to
attract events at college towns and on campuses while the kids are still
in town. This might work, it might not. If it brings in a little money
then that’s money for a good cause and it’s all to the good.

There is a caveat: the merch and the donation packs might not be ready.

We can however supply lots of additional content in the forms of funny dvds and
Browncoat music. Adam Warrock, Mikey Mason and Marc Gunn have all
donated music and the Signal has made several anthologies available that
we can burn to cd., TheDalyShow, Nathan Town and Mikey Mason have granted permission
to use some very funny stuff. We’ve burned that
to dvd and will deliver it fresh to your door. Felicia Day is letting us
screen The Guild episodes so snag the dvds and have at it.

Third, we’re exploring how to make this year’s artwork available to Cafe Press, Zazzle or
whoever gives us the best deal in order to make the merch available to
folks who couldn’t make an event or the shows that didn’t make a bulk
order. Watch the forums and feel free to give input.

We here at CSTS Globular Command realize that we’re geeks helping
other geeks watch geekery. To that end we have two jobs.
One, provide
assistance and content to help you run a successful event.
The other is
to make sure that the people who give you money can be confident that
the funds are going to do some good. Use transparent accounting and
please respect copyrights.

You have two jobs, too. One, raise funds for our worthy causes.
Two, have as much fun as possible doing it. Be bold, be creative.
Sometimes events can get a bit stale doing the same thing year after
year. Feel free to spend a little money on entertainment. You might send
in a bit less but you might keep a good thing going a few years more.
you are fried, if you have a gripe or a problem or if you have some
ideas feel free to call me at 757-636-0536. Write me at , we can skype as well.

Be active on the forums. Remember that we’re nerds cut from the same cloth or else we
wouldn’t be here. Stay Shiny,


Stay Calm and Enjoy Event

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