From the Atlantic Ocean to the Desert

Saturday Aug 17 is a busy busy day for Can’t Stop the Serenity with three events running.

First up, with the doors opening at 4:00, is a Mighty Fine Shindig put on by the South Florida Browncoats. There will be raffles, merchandise, Serenity of course and a lot of mixing and mingling. A costume contest is sure to please as will a screening of Dr. Horible.

Further up the coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they aren’t satisfied to show Serenity and Dr. Horrible once! Nope, these Browncoats are offering a chance to see everything twice! Doors open at 4:30 with Dr. Horrible at 5:00, followed by Serenity at 6:00. Or you may prefer go to the later shows starting at 9:00. In between there will be a silent auction. Did we mention the evil laugh contest? And you might want to brush up on your trivia….

Over in Tucson, the Arizona Browncoats have found the perfect location for their CSTS event. Not only is the theater a lovely old building – the only example of Soutwestern Art Deco still existing – it was newly brought back to life after years of neglect. And can the name be any better?

CSTS Fox Marquee 2011

Tucson’s CSTS will include a Whedon inspired costume contest and a photo booth so you can capture those memories, a raffle and some shiny merch.

On Sunday, Aug 18th, Dallas/Fort Worth is back with a music Affiliate event. Dr. Horrible, The Guild and all kinds of live music will tickle your ears.

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