The SRF Browncoats keep flyin’ in Florida

The SRF Browncoats are holding their tenth annual screening this weekend on Saturday 16th July.

The event will include a screening of both Serenity and Dr. Horrible along with some great raffle prizes, and swag bags for sale with all kinds of goodies. Last year they made backpacks out of old Serenity T-shirts and loaded them up which sounds like a fantastic idea.

They are also having a local game master host a Whedon themed game and a Whedon themed T-shirt contest. The audience will pick their favorite and there will be prizes for the winners.

Lead organiser Emma says “I originally went to the first screening in Fort Lauderdale due to my being a huge geeky Whedon fan. Buffy was and is my favorite tv show of all time (sorry Firefly….) I was so excited that they were screening Serenity for charity, that I jumped right in and got involved the next year and haven’t stopped. Along with some Firefly loving friends of mine who all love doing charity work, we have had a lot of fun combining charity with a great movie and other Firefly fans. We love the fact that everyone has a fun evening, and money is raised for charity at the same time. While I love what Equality Now stands for, I also like the fact that we can donate a portion of our proceeds to a local charity of our choice.”

Operating under the umbrella of a local 501c3 organisation called “Springs River Festival, Inc.” (where the SRF comes from) the SRF Browncoats have donated to several local charities over the years, including the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the South Florida Wildlife Center. For the past few years, including this year, their local charity is the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. This is an internationally recognised seabird rehab center started in 1980 by a couple who wanted to help pelicans, and it has just grown into so much more They have releases that people can attend, monthly sunset boating tours where they pass by nesting grounds and educational outreach programs.

Emma adds “A couple of years ago they even brought a pelican to our event to share his story with the attendees. When you take the tour and you see the jar with all the items they have had to remove from the poor birds that come into their care, you just realize how much this organisation does to help the wildlife.

The website is if you want to check out the amazing work these people are doing.

The SRF Browncoats event is this weekend – July 16th – at Tom’s NFL Sports Bar in Miami Springs, Florida.

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