Grab a spork and join the Utah Browncoats at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend

On Saturday, September 3rd, the Utah Browncoats and Salt Lake Comic Con will host their second major CSTS event of the season.

They will be holding their popular screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog at the Salt Lake City Comic Con. All proceeds from this fan favorite event are being donated to Equality Now.

Organizers William Pace and Kerry Gisler explain, “People literally run up to us with excitement when they see us selling tickets because they consider this their ‘Salt Lake Comic Con tradition’.” With a seating capacity of nearly 900 seats, it is one of the largest venues of the CSTS season. Screening Dr. Horrible is a true team effort. The room is donated by the fine folks at Salt Lake Comic Con and many faithful volunteers from the Utah Browncoats help make this event a success year to year. We have volunteers walk the Con floor selling tickets, manning the venue line and hawking tickets for the prize drawing.

At a previous event, a Browncoat who had never seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but came dressed as Captain Hammer, won a handmade Captain Hammer doll. Cheryl Mattson says that “You just couldn’t have scripted a better scenario. Those of us working the event actually stood and applauded in appreciation of the uniqueness of the situation.”

For more information on the Utah Browncoats visit their Facebook page:-

Utah Browncoats

And for those of us not lucky enough to be near this event, check out the awesome line up of guests they will be rubbing shoulders with on the Salt Lake Comic Con website:-

And finally, this link should take you directly to the panel page on the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page:-

Salt Lake Comic Con Dr Horrible page

Captain Hammers
Captain Hammers!

Packed out audience at Fan X
Packed out screening at a previous Fan X

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