Thrilling heroics in Grande Prairie

Holding their 5th event this year, the Grande Prairie Browncoats have found a shiny new location which will allow them to add a twist to the Can’t Stop the Serenity format.

Organiser Nyssa says “Besides the normal viewing of the BDM, costumes, and an auction, our new venue Card’s board game Café will let us also have several Firefly games going on to make this the best event ever.”

“With Fluxx, an RPG adventure, Out to the Black, Shiny Dice, Tall card and our multi day Firefly the board game tournament, there will be no shortage of action going on.”

Nyssa finishes by adding “This will be our best event ever, combining Thrilling Heroics with family fun.”

The event is being held on Thursday 8th September. For more information on the Grande Prairie Browncoats check out their Facebook page or their website.

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