Ni Hao to the Browncoats of Harrogate holding their first CSTS event this weekend

Harrogate are holding their inaugral CSTS event on 21st September at Major Tom’s Social in Harrogate.

Organiser Reg says “Essentially, I run the finest (and to be fair, only!) comic shop in our little town which is a very genteel place with lots of tea rooms and posh people. Steve, my partner in crime in this endeavour runs a “Geek Pub Quiz” every month at the venue we’re using for CSTS. We’re both big Browncoats and have talked about running a CSTS event for a while, and this year we’ve decided it’s about time we just did it!”

The event starts at 6pm and is free to enter, the guys are raising money with a raffle, Steve’s Quiz, and from the sale of various Serenity related items. Prizes will include all four Serenity Hardcover Graphic novels, the Firefly Boardgame, various other comics, T-Shirts, badges, Firefly card games, Jane Hat shaped cupcakes, and all manner of other shiny goodness.

In addition to Equality Now, they are also supporting the Yorkshire Air Ambulance who provide a life saving, rapid response emergency service to over 5 million people across the Yorkshire and Humber region of England.

Anyone wanting further info should contact Reg and Steve either through the CSTS Harrogate Facebook page, or by email via the shop at

Reg finishes by adding “Can’t tell you how excited we are! If this event is a success (or frankly, even if it’s only moderately disappointing…) we have big plans for next year!”

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