It’s Time for a New CSTS Icon

When we started in 2006, we got permission from Universal and from Equality Now to combine images from both to create the symbol we all recognize as the Can’t Stop The Serenity logo.

It has stood us in very good stead for 12 years now but Equality Now has changed their look and we must follow suit. After some discussion, they have given us permission to use their new logo – or part of it – the abstracted equal sign in 2 shades of Blue.

So we need a new logo using the Serenity icon and the Equality Now image.

We will be accepting submissions for the new CSTS design until Sept. 29th. You may submit up to 3 choices.
The Steering Committee will make the final decision. Should a member of the Steering Committee wish to submit choices, they will remove themselves from the decision making and Global Event Coordinator, Bob Averell will be the third judge.

Just as in the past, our new logo will have to work in a variety of sizes. It will be part of each new year’s art as well as stand on it’s own.
It will consist of the Serenity logo and the Equality Now swoosh (equal sign), in either order.

Details as follows:
Serenity Logo color values:

Outer Ring: RGB: 226/127/65 – CMYK: 9/60/84/0
Inner Disc: RGB: 254/216/85 – CMYK: 1/13/78/0
Kanji: RGB: 135/23/26 – CMYK: 28/100/100/33

Equality Now equal sign: (swoosh)

Sky Blue : R:22 G:164 B197 – C:76 M:16 Y:16 K:0

Navy Blue : R:18 G:53 B:91 – C:100 M:82 Y:38 K:31

Do not alter either symbol or change the colours. Do not stretch or manipulate them. We prefer the following formats:

  • EPS – Encapsulated Postscript File (Vector Mode, NOT Bitmap Mode)
  • SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator File

We have both logos in a variety of formats. Drop a line to to request them.

Then, when you’re finished, send them to the same address.

Thanks! We look forward to seeing the entries.

The Global Steering Comittee

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