Doin’ good works in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Browncoats have reunited and the newly formed group will be holding their ‘1st’ Can’t Stop the Serenity event on 21 October at the Baobab Stage Theater located in Town Square, Las Vegas Boulevard.

Organiser Noelle says “Join us in one of the shiniest cities in the ‘Verse as we aim to do good works to benefit Equality Now. Activities include a lucky numbers auction, costume contest, shindig, and a screening of Serenity.

Prepare to feel immersed in Inara’s world as you step through the doors to enter a boutique adorned with lanterns and filled with custom ensembles befitting a Companion. Make your way past the boutique through the curtained entry to reach the theater and prepare for an evening of fun!”

All money raised will go to Equality Now.

Edit – 25% of the proceeds will now go to the Las Vegas Victims Relief Fund. Contact the Las Vegas Browncoats for more information. 

More information, a detailed schedule and a link for tickets or special packages can be found on their website

You can also join their Facebook group at

Or like their page at

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