The New CSTS Icon Is Here!

In July we announced that we had to develop a new CSTS icon since Equality Now had changed theirs. We put out the call and asked for submissions. It was going to be tough, we knew. The colours and shapes weren’t going to fit so neatly together.

As always, Browncoats came though and we had an impressive amount of artwork from which to choose.

It was hard as there were many ingenious designs. We worked with Equality Now to make sure that we respected their logo and finally picked the one that we felt made best use of the 2 icons, that of Universal’s Serenity and Equality Now’s equal sign. It is condensed and will be easy to add to the yearly images but stands well on its own.

Presenting (drum roll) the new CSTS image as created by JB

New CSTS icon

JB is self-taught, dabbling in art as a hobby. Her mediums are digital art, acrylic paint, and colored pencil. She loves the sci-fi and mystery genres, quizzing her friends on movie quotes. JB supports the work of Equality Now and CSTS and when she was told her art had been chosen, said that she is honored to support CSTS in this small way. You can find JB’s portfolio at

Our thanks go to her and to all the people who took the time to make art and then send it in.

You are all Big Damn Heroes.

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