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Global Event Coordinator: Sheilah O’Connor
Communications: Communications Director
Event Registration & Donation Administration: Events Manager
Organizer Mentoring: Shepherd
Merchandise: Merchandise Manager
Sponsorship: Sponsorship Manager
Press: Press Liaison
Art & Graphic Design: Art Director
Website: Webmaster

2015 Team

Sheilah O’Connor
Stephanie Leasure
Liam Merrick
Phil Towle
Julia Svaganovic
Annie Burnaman
Anne Barringer

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GSC Members
Jen Cummings (Chair)
Marg Grady
Amanda Sullivan (Equality Now)

Past Global Event Coordinators

2013 – Dave Catoe
2012 – William Pace
2011 – William Pace
2010 – Christine Mooney
2009 – Anne Barringer
2008 – Beth Nelson
2007 – Devin Pike
2006 – The One True B!x (Founder)