Global Steering Committee


The Can’t Stop the Serenity Global Steering Committee (GSC) are volunteers working to ensure the continued success of Can’t Stop the Serenity events for charity. The GSC represents the strategy setting and organizational process supervisory body of Can’t Stop the Serenity (CSTS).

The Global Steering Committee (GSC) was originally created to address the potential for “event drift” from year to year. The GSC was made up of all previous global coordinators and served as a de facto “consistency committee” which was to be kept apprised of planning details and merchandise/sponsorship deals. The existence of such a committee is also intended to help in any possible situation in which the global coordinator for some reason becomes unable to continue in that capacity, because there would be people who are in the loop enough to pick up should it become necessary. The GSC was disbanded in 2008, as it was evident that the model employed did not function as intended. It was re-initiated in 2010 under a new model.


Sheilah O’Connor
Stephanie Leasure


The Global Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Ensuring consistency of purpose for the event.
  • Organising and overseeing the election of the Global Event Coordiantor (GEC), and ensuring that handover goes smoothly.
  • Preparing Global Policies. These are policies shall be developed prior to selection/election and as required at the request of the Global Team.
  • Specifying and advising on changes to procedures to be published in the Global Organiser’s How To Guide and the Organiser’s How To Guides.
  • Setting the Event Window and Key Deadlines (including Registration and Global Tally Finalisation).
  • Ensuring the history of the event is documented and maintained.

The Steering Committee Chair can delegate the authority to a Steering Committee Co-Chair selected from the Steering Committee Members.

In the situation where the Global Event Coordinator is identified as unfit to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the role due to personal issues (such as illness), the Global Steering Committee shall provide support to a deputy Global Event Coordinator.

In the situation where the Global Event Coordinator is identified as unfit to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the role (such as suspicion of fraud or criminal activity), the Global Steering Committee shall appoint a member to oversee the management of the Global Team. This member will review the current status of the event, identify suitable members of the Global Team who will be retained, identify a suitable replacement Global Event Coordinator (from within the Global Team or from outside the Global Team) whose appointment shall be made by the Global Steering Committee, and monitor the progress of the replacement Global Event Coordinator.

Decisions of the Global Steering Committee are made by a two-thirds majority.


  • The Global Steering Committee (GSC) consists of the Steering Committee Chair, and 4 Steering Committee Members (including a representative from Equality Now).
  • To ensure the compliance with Equality Now’s expectations, procedures and policies, a Representative from Equality now is by default among the Members of the Steering Committee.
  • The Steering Committee Chair is be elected by the members of the GSC.


  • Membership on the Global Steering Committee is a two year commitment, commencing in October each year. The term length of the Equality Now representative is at the discretion of Equality Now, but should be no less than 1 year.
  • In any given year, two members will be in the first year of their term, and two members will be in the second year of their term. Where circumstances result in all terms concluding at the same time, two (2) members of the newly elected team will have a two year term and two (2) will have a one year term (to facilitate the commencement of the rotational structure).
  • Members on the Global Steering Committee can be considered for re-selection for consecutive terms.


  • Applicants must have been a past Screening Event Organiser (Lead) or Global Organising Team member. Affiliate event organisers are not eligible for membership at this time.
  • Individuals from any global location may apply for each position.
  • Applicants must have a sound knowledge about the issues within their region (eg. Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe etc) and be prepared to become familiar with the issues and needs of all other regions to confidently represent the needs of the global CSTS community.
  • Members must not be part of the current Global Organising Team. The exception to this is where elections take place within 1 month of the end of the applicant’s term on the Global Organising Team.
  • Applicants must not have been banned from participation in any capacity such as an Organiser/Committee member within the CSTS movement or other organisations.
  • The representative from Equality Now is selected by Equality Now, and must be an Equality Now employee.


    • The selection process does not apply to the Equality Now representative.
    • Nominees must complete a formal Global Steering Committee Membership Application, and provide two letters of recommendation. The Global Steering Committee Membership Application is a written response that covers the role for consideration, contact information (including screen names used), outlines relevant skills and experience and a statement about why the applicant wants to take on the role and their goals for CSTS. Letters of Recommendation may be from any of the following: a Global Team member (past or current), an Event Organiser (Screening or Affiliate), or Event Team Member (for the event the applicant was Organiser of).
    • Voting is limited to current year Organisers of Screening events and Affiliate events, and will be decided by a two-thirds majority. Nominees may not vote for themselves. The current Global Steering Committee Chair is not eligible to vote except in the case of a tie, where they holds the deciding vote (where the Global Steering Committee Chair is standing for re-election, this responsibility is passed to the Equality Now representative).


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