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Why Can’t Stop The Serenity, Part IV

Peepiecheep answers the question.

On July 6th this year, a team of dedicated volunteers ran a Can't Stop the Serenity event in Leicester, UK. It was the first time since 2008 that an event had been held in the city. Last time we raised over $300 for Equality Now, this year we raised 4 times as much, both for EN and for our local women's aid charity. It's hard work, and it takes up a lot of our spare time, but it's worth it.

Why? Because equality matters.

Equality, and the fight to achieve it for all, is important. For every woman who cannot fight, who finds her life and her choices dictated for her; for every girl who has been denied an education due to her gender; for every pre-teen who has been married off to a man three times her age; for every victim of rape and violence and oppression; we will help fight for them.

In the words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds, "Somebody has to speak for these people", and this year, Leicester helped be their voice.

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Australia Takes Over

Both Perth and Melbourne are having their CSTS screenings this weekend with an added Affiliate shindig in Perth.

Melbourne is running it's 9th screening on Saturday, Aug 2. Serenity will be in HD so you can discover all those little things you never noticed before! Also showing will be Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. To add to the excitement, there will be a cosplay competition, raffles, auctions, door prizes and all sorts of shiny merchandise. Please note that it will be cash only that day so be sure to bring along lots of cashy money as well as your best costume if you've a mind to. This event sold out the last 2 years so get your ticket in advance, just in case!

So plan to go, bring a friend, bring someone who has never seen Firefly, and they’ll have fun, raise much needed money and become part of the Browncoat family!

Perth is making sure everyone is in the right mood by having a shindig on Saturday night with the screening on Sunday. This will include a light meal and a private bar. (No word on if Mudder's Milk will be offered). Costumes are encouraged and there will be all manner of games and the like if your fellow Browncoats aren't enough to make for a perfect evening.

The screening will be on Sunday afternoon at the Cinema Paradiso (is that not a perfect name??), which boasts of a licensed bar as well as the more usual popcorn. There will be some great merch for sale and a raffle for shiny prizes before Serenity gets started around 4:00. You can purchase tickets for one or both events and pick them up at the door. Remember to bring proof of purchase with you.

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Birthday Weekend

Every year many CSTS cities hold their events around Joss' birthday, June 23rd. This year we have 4 cities celebrating.

First up is Lawrence, Kansas. They always put on a good time and this year promises to be more of the same. They will show Serenity of course along with some of the other content we have been lucky enough to get permission to show. And then there is the Prize raffle. You'll want to bring extra credits for that!

Boston is back for their 9th year holding a midnight showing at the historic Coolidge theatre. Their 2nd charity is Rosie's Place and anyone who brings a non-perishable food item will entered into the raffle for some fun prizes. Their website has a list of what items are most in need so check it out!

St. Louis, Missouri, returns again with a CSTS screening of Serenity on June 21. The doors open at 9pm with the shindig starting about 9:30. Tickets will be available at the door in the lobby, but we hope you are reading this early as there is a raffle for those who pre-order! The evening will include trivia questions, a guest speaker, an auction, and a costume contest. Please, no plastic guns as they will not be allowed in the theatre.

We end with the US West Coast where the biennial Slayage Conference is in Sacramento this year. Conference attendees can see Serenity as part of the conference but it is also open to the public, weith donations being accepted for Equality Now. Details on the CSTS screening can be found here.

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The First Affiliate Event of the Season

There are many ways to run a Can't Stop The Serenity events and over the last 9 years, we've seen a lot of them.

But this one is new!

A new festival, honoring web series has started up in Toronto Canada.
Called Toronto Webfest, it is 3 days of screenings, panels and other events. And what better way to celebrate a new festival that by showing one of the first major webseries?

On Friday May 9th at 10:00 p.m. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-Blog will be shown with all proceeds going to Equality Now.

Tickets are only $10.00 and available for purchase online.

Imagine being in a theatre full of people who have not seen Dr. Horrible before or don't know the works of Joss Whedon!
An evening not to be missed.

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The First Event of the Season – in South Wales! Thumbnail

The First Event of the Season – in South Wales!

It is always a great moment when CSTS starts up for the year. This year it is doubly exciting because it is a new event.

The Valley Browncoats in Wales are having a screening on April 14th. It's being held in Blackwood and it promises to be great. It is, of course, Easter Break and so this is an event for the whole family to begin with. For kids of all ages there are activities like Mask painting while the older ones can try out the new Serenity Board Game.

Firefly themed food will be available including Fruity Oaty Bars and Mudders Milk. (Non-alcoholic for the young'ns).

Join a team to challenge your knowledge of all things Whedon and Sci-Fi related and buy some shiny merchandise including hand crafted keyrings and earrings. A raffle increases your chance to walk away with something to remember the first event in Wales. There is also a silent auction for more unique items as well as a mystery box filled with nerdery.
The Serenity screening begins around 16:30 and is open to everyone 15 & over who bought a full ticket.

Can't make it? You can help raise money by donating here. One lucky donor will win a mystery prize!

P.S. Sample quiz question "What reason did River give for cutting Jayne and what episode was it in?"

Jayne hat

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Have your say on the 2014 shirt design!

We would love to have your feedback on the logo placement for CSTS 2014 Unisex and Womens shirts. There will be only one design available for the Unisex and one for the Women's, and you can vote on both. The most popular option for each wins! This year's shirts will be light grey with printing on one side only.

The options are:

  • Large size in centre of shirt (on front)
  • Small size in centre of shirt (on front)
  • Small size on left hand side of shirt (on front)
  • Large size in centre of shirt (on back)
  • Small size in centre of shirt (on back)
To have your say, head over to our forum to vote: - Unisex shirt - Women's shirt

The polls will be open for 7 days.

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