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2016 Registration is open!

After a successful tenth anniversary year, 2016 brings us to our eleventh Can't Stop the Serenity season!  We are looking forward to creating memories with current Browncoat friends and making new ones as we plan our events and come together in raising money for Equality Now.

Registration is now open so you can begin planning your Can’t Stop the Serenity event! All the information you’ll need to get started can be found above in the Host an Event section.

Most of the CSTS events are known as “Screening Events” in which Joss Whedon’s “Serenity” is shown on the big screen in conjunction with merchandise sales, auctions, raffles, contests, and and other multimedia (once licensing agreements have been made.)

If you are unable to organize a Screening Event due to funds, location, or proximity to other Browncoats, an Affiliate Event might be your answer. An Affiliate Event can be any kind of event, such as a trivia night, a BBQ, a dance party, etc. The possibilities are endless. And you can do both if you’d like, or more than one type of event during the season.

Once you have decided what type of event you’d like to hold then please take advantage of our Event Resources to help you and your team with the planning process.

Next, you need to tell the Global Team about your plans so that you can become an official event. There are two ways to go about this. Do you already have everything in place? This includes the date, time, location and fellow volunteers? If so, then go straight to Event Registration.

However, maybe there are some details that still need to be worked out, which is fine. What you need to do at this point is go to the Expression of Interest form.

The CSTS Season this year runs from June 1 – October 31, 2016. You may choose any date within this time frame to hold your event.

Being an official CSTS Event means that you become part of the CSTS community, but what does this mean to you? Because we all win when you are successful, we will assist you with promotion and give you access to our forums in which you can talk and share with other organizers who have 'been there, done that.' On these forums you will hear from organizers throughout the season on their events and will hear what worked well, what might not have and why.

Additionally, by indicating that you are affiliated with CSTS you are telling your potential sponsors, donors, and audience that you are ‘legit.’ This speaks volumes without you needing to say much at all.

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Introducing the 2016 Global Events Coordinator, Annie Burnaman!

Are you ready for Can't Stop the Serenity 2016? We are! With our tenth year behind us, we're looking forward to an exciting year of fun filled fandom events. For the past decade, Browncoats all over the world have donated tens of thousands of hours of their spare time over the past decade to organise events both big and small to celebrate our fandom and to support Equality Now, and 2016 is no different. Plans are already being made in cities across the globe. Will there be an event in your local area? All it takes are a few Browncoats to put on their cunning hats and make it happen!

We're pleased to announce that the 2016 season will be coordinated by Annie Burnaman from Texas, USA. Annie has been involved in CSTS for many years, including five years as a local event organiser in North Texas. During this time, she's also helped the global team obtain video messages from Summer Glau and Sean Maher for the global intro video, and source incredible items for the global auction. In 2015, Annie officially joined the Global Team as the Merchandise Coordinator, adding some very cool goodies like the CSTS Challenge Coin. As Global Merchandise Coordinator, she oversaw the shipments of merchandise and sponsor items to events all over the world.

Says Annie, "Can't Stop the Serenity has taught me so many things; about the world we live in, what I'm capable of, and about the power of individuals to enact global change. It's been invaluable for my children, watching their mother and father become strong and outspoken on behalf of those who can't speak without fear. In many ways, CSTS has made me the person I am today, and my other charitable efforts would likely never have been conceived without it."

In addition to her years of hard work with CSTS, Annie is the co-founder of a fan organization called Fringenuity, formed in 2011 to support the TV show Fringe. Annie was largely responsible for evolving its purpose to incorporate charitable efforts as well as supporting the show through social media. Since 2012, Fringenuity's charitable endeavors have raised over $9,000 for a variety of charities, most recently raising over $2000 for Random Acts through the sale of fandom based challenge coins.

She looks forward to what the 2016 CSTS season will bring, and is keen to dedicate her time to making it a success. As a stay at home/homeschool mother with a son starting college and a daughter working independently most of the time, she is ready for the role of Global Event Coordinator. Annie is committed to giving CSTS her time and energy, connecting with local organisers across the world and brainstorming with fellow Browncoats to find new ideas and ways to take Can't Stop the Serenity into our eleventh year.

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The 2015 Intro Video

For years CSTS has created an intro video to be shown before showing Serenity. We know it is shown at other times of course - during affiliate events for instance. But it is just for those participating in some kind of CSTS event.

And it has always been a nice surprise for event go-ers.
Who will be on it this year?
What will be the theme?
Will it make us laugh, or (one notable year), cry?

When the event season is over, we put it up on our You Tube channel for all to see.

We would like to extend a big thanks to those Browncoats who got us the footage, and to the event cities who sent in something extra for our 10th year. And a very big thanks to Liam Merrick who once again put this together into something that looks magnificent on a big screen.


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There Was No Stopping the CSTS Signal in 2015!

With the auction closing out the 2015 Can’t Stop the Serenity season in November, it’s hard to believe another year is over. But what a celebration our tenth year has been!

59 events in 45 cities across 7 countries raised over $90,000 for Equality Now and 19 other charities (you can view the full list of donations and charities on the Global Donation Tally page). A Virtual Shindig covered the globe and Sean Faust donated 50% of sales from his song Signal. We had a huge auction with over 50 lots including many rare collectibles and items signed by a variety of Whedonverse favourites.

It may have been one of our most diverse years with Affiliate events that included fundraising raffles in booths at conventions, board game days, a concert, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog* screenings and a painting class.

Not to be outdone the screening events pulled out all the stops with live music, comedians, costume contests, midnight screenings, auctions, raffles, games and special guests including Firefly alumni Jewel Staite, Loni Peristere and Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz. And New York co-hosted their event with Equality Now which gave attendees a great opportunity to talk with those directly involved with the charity and the EN staff got to experience the fun we have raising money for them. We hear there might have even been a Browncoat conversion or two.

We were very happy to welcome plenty of new Can’t Stop the Serenity cities this year including Surrey, Newtown, Brake, Fairfax, Jenkintown, Crest Hill, Gaffney and Narre Warren. It was especially good to welcome back cities who have been out in the black and not held a CSTS event for years like Adelaide, Paris, Cleveland, Edinburgh, and Milwaukee.

And huge congratulations to the 13 foundation cities who also celebrated their 10th year holding Can’t Stop the Serenity events: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh,Seattle, Toronto and Tucson. They have been the backbone of CSTS, and if you’ve ever seen how much work can go into one event you’d know how remarkable it is to keep doing it for ten years. A callout is also due to foundation cities like Vancouver and San Francisco who both missed a year but made it back for their 9th year in 2015.

We’d like to thank to all our sponsors, it is because of their generosity we have such amazing items to auction, raffle and giveaway and cities have the opportunity to screen so many different geeky things. Please take a moment to check out all the shiny companies and individuals on our Sponsors page and support them for supporting us.

Thank you to Ray Hill for running our epic end of season eBay auction. He took on the mammoth task of photographing, listing, packaging and shipping all the items.

A very special thank you to Sheilah O’Connor who has worked tirelessly on CSTS from the beginning, if she had not stepped up to be Global Event Coordinator this year we might not have made it to year 10 and most certainly not celebrate it in the grand style we did!

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who bid, donated, organised, attended, boosted the signal and volunteered for Can’t Stop the Serenity this year, we couldn’t have done it (or the last ten years) without you. We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty.

Big Damn Heroes all!

We’d love to hear your favourite memories of Can’t Stop the Serenity 2015, comment below or tell us on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or Google+.

Wishing all Browncoats and loved ones a very Happy Holidays! Keep safe and may your 2016 be filled with shiny!

*screened by permission from Time Science Blood Club, LLC. ©Time Science Blood Club, LLC. All rights reserved.

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The Auction Was Wonderful!

Our thanks to all who donated and those who bid and those who won. Everything is still being tallied but we know already that a sizable amount of money will be donated to Equality Now because of your generosity.

We know that not everyone could bid, but so many people spread the word for us that we had an unprecedented number of participants.

Thank you all so much.

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Auction is almost over! Thumbnail

Auction is almost over!

If you have planned to take a look at what is available in our E-Bay auction, now is the time!

Autographed DVD

Here is the link once again. Remember, all the money raised goes to Equality Now to help women and girls around the world. And we know that when you help them, you help everyone.

At the moment, some items are still remarkably low.
The limited edition blue prints for one.
Some of the poster sets which include the poster of Serenity signed by Joss,
and the extremely rare promotional watch sent out by Fox before Firefly started.

The 2 Star Wars figures are still cheap as well.

And then there is the fun stuff. The replica props, the patches, the Serenity graphic novels, the jewellery. We've put together a couple of collections of the kind of items you might have been able to win at a CSTS event. And here they are, yours for the bidding.

Our thanks to the California Browncoats for allowing us to hijack their E-Bay account for the week. But they are getting it back by Sunday night (PST) so go bid while you still can.

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