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Big Damn Shindig this weekend in Virgina

Geeks with Benefits and the Tidewater Browncoats are holding their Can't Stop the Serenity event this weekend.... The Big Damn Shindig 7! Organiser Shane says “our event features the incredible musical talent of Mikey Mason, a screening of the movie Serenity in full HIGH DEFINITION glory, and, because we made the lawyers happy, THE RETURN OF Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!!!! We will AGAIN be doing our a

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Misbehavin’ in Albuquerque Thumbnail

Misbehavin’ in Albuquerque

MouldsThe Albuquerque Browncoats are very pleased to be hosting Can’t Stop the Serenity 2016 at the marvelous KiMo Theatre on Saturday, July 9th 2016. The KiMo is a New Mexico historic landmark built in 1927 in a “Pueblo Deco” (Art Deco + Pueblo Revival) style, which is very “Brownc

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Joss Whedon brings people together in Toronto

Toronto’s CSTS event will be on Saturday 9th July at the Royal Cinema in Toronto. They’re keeping it simple with a screening of the Big Damn movie followed by an auction and the money they raise will be split between Equality Now and the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape (TRCC/MWAR). TRCC/MWAR is a non-profit feminist organisation committed to fighting violence against women and children. They work both independently and together with other community organizations to provide support services for all survivo

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Shiny success in Salt Lake City

The Utah Browncoats have held CSTS events since the very beginning. Some large, some small, but all of them filled with great people who love to make a difference. Their most recent CSTS was no different in that respect, but they did do things a bit differently this year in that they split the event between two different venues. With 110 Browncoats in attendance, the event started at Brewvies Cinema Pub with musical singalongs of the Hero of Canton and the Firefly theme. They were also able to have a small Easter egg video from Done the I

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CSTS 2016 T-shirts are here!

Can't Stop the serenity is changing the way we do our Global T-shirts! We've partnered with Represent, and for the first time ever, T-shirts are available to the general public through online sales, allowing anyone to support CSTS regardless of their proximity to an event location. Whether you can attend an event or simply want to add your support, join us as we aim to misbehave for a good cause! As you may be aware, Represent

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A big damn reason to hold a CSTS event

To help shine a shiny light on the amazing people who are joining in CSTS this year, we'll be posting a series of articles introducing them to the rest of you and explaining not just what they're doing but hopefully why they're doing it too. The first of these articles focuses on the Alamo City Browncoats led by the lovely Mel. They will be holding an affiliate event at SciFest in San Antonio, Texas, on July 9th & 10th. This is an annual free convention held at Wonderland

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