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Auction is almost over! Thumbnail

Auction is almost over!

If you have planned to take a look at what is available in our E-Bay auction, now is the time!

Autographed DVD

Here is the link once again. Remember, all the money raised goes to Equality Now to help women and girls around the world. And we know that when you help them, you help everyone.

At the moment, some items are still remarkably low.
The limited edition blue prints for one.
Some of the poster sets which include the poster of Serenity signed by Joss,
and the extremely rare promotional watch sent out by Fox before Firefly started.

The 2 Star Wars figures are still cheap as well.

And then there is the fun stuff. The replica props, the patches, the Serenity graphic novels, the jewellery. We've put together a couple of collections of the kind of items you might have been able to win at a CSTS event. And here they are, yours for the bidding.

Our thanks to the California Browncoats for allowing us to hijack their E-Bay account for the week. But they are getting it back by Sunday night (PST) so go bid while you still can.

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The Auction has started and it is shiny!

Here is where it all is. So many great items, you just might have to bid on all of them.

Something for yourself, something for a loved one or a best friend, something to give to that someone who has everything.

But I bet they don't have the rare Serenity Blueprints.

Or the Handmade BDH Charm Bracelet.

Take a look, make a bid. All proceeds go to help Equality Now

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Signed photo by 7 of 9 available in Nov. 8th Auction Thumbnail

Signed photo by 7 of 9 available in Nov. 8th Auction


Is this not a thing of beauty? This was signed at the 2014 Dallas Comic Con where there was an almost complete reunion of the Firefly crew.

It is only one of more than 40 items in our E-Bay Auction. We'll be easy to find, just go to although we will also be publicizing the link everywhere once it goes live.

Here is something else we think you might like.


Beloved Whedon actor Tom Lenk (Buffy, Much Ado, Cabin In the Woods) documents his long (and funny) journey to performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in this documentary, Nerdgasm. And he signed our copy! We've paired it with the ultimate Browncoat Documentary, Done the Impossible.

Stay tuned to see what is next up!

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Star Wars appears in Nov. 8th Auction Thumbnail

Star Wars appears in Nov. 8th Auction

Star Wars is coming soon. There will be lots of tie-ins for you to buy but not like this! These 2 Funko figures were available only to those who bought Vans runners/sneakers/running shoes in 2014. Once they were gone, they were gone.

Until now.

Darth Vader and Boba Fett

will be auctioned separately as part of our 10th anniversary E-Bay Auction starting next Sunday, Nov. 8th.

#51_3 #52_5

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Great items in the Nov. 8th E-Bay auction Thumbnail

Great items in the Nov. 8th E-Bay auction

It's time to tempt you with a couple more items!

We received this gorgeous Stirling silver charm bracelet with a charm for each of our Big Damn Heroes.


And we have a Inara pack you might want to bid on at the same time. It has a Firefly air freshener and a Stirling Silver Serenity pendant. Any Companion would be proud to wear these pieces of jewellery


All money raised goes to Equality Now.

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E-Bay auction starts 8th November Thumbnail

E-Bay auction starts 8th November

Take a look at some of the wonderful things we have in our upcoming auction which starts the 8th of November.

How about the St. Christopher Medal that Jayne wears in Serenity? It comes in its own case along with a certificate of authenticity and an autographed picture of Adam Baldwin as Jayne. 2015-CSTS-jayne03

Torchwood and Dr. Who make an appearance with signed content from John Barrowman, including a Tshirt, a CD and an signed photo. Another lot is a full size Tardis door cling. Imagine putting it on a closet door. You'd never have to worry about not having enough storage space again!*

tardis_door_cling We have over 40 lots of great items. Please! Tell the world! *We cannot guarantee that the door cling will make the space behind into a Tardis.

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