Host an Event

Would you like to join in and host a Can’t Stop the Serenity event? That’s great! The more the merrier. It’s a very rewarding experience, great fun, and you meet some great people.

What kind of event can I host?

There are two types of events – Screening events and Affiliate events:

Screening Event – This means that the event includes a screening of Joss Whedon’s “Serenity”. You can include all sorts of other things in your event as well, such as raffles, auctions, contests and other multimedia (pending licensing arrangements). The majority of CSTS events are Screening events.

Affiliate Event – This can be any kind of event that doesn’t feature a screening of “Serenity”, such as a BBQ, Dr Horrible screening, dance party, musical performance, trivia night etc. The options are only as limited as your imagination! If you can’t organise a Screening Event, an Affiliate Event may be the answer.

When can I hold an event in 2017?

Events can take place anytime between June 1st and October 31st, 2017.

How do I let you know I’m planning an event?

That’s easy, just fill out an Expression of Interest Form!
If you’re starting to plan an event but haven’t got all the details finalised, this form lets the Global Team know your intentions. You will be given access to our Event Organizer forum where you can access information, meet other event teams and start to get ideas, inspiration and advice about your event. Already have the details finalized? Skip this step and go straight to the Event Registration Form.

How do I register my event?

Once you’ve set a date and found a venue for your event (or for multiple events), you need to complete the Event Registration Form.
This will be reviewed by the Global Team and once it’s approved, you’ll be an official Can’t Stop the Serenity event!

Important Dates for Registration

Registration for 2017 events opens on February 27th 2017.

Registration closes based on when your event will be held.

  • For events to be held in June or July – Registration closes March 31, 2017
  • For events to be held in August or September – Registration closes June 30, 2017
  • For events to be held in October – Registration closes July 31, 2017

No Event Registration forms will be accepted after July 31st, 2017.

Early registration allows the Global Team to efficiently provide your event with access to Can’t Stop the Serenity merchandise (which usually needs to be ordered in March/April). Please note that registering later (particularly after the March 31st deadline) may mean that you may miss out some of the merchandise options, as merchandise ordering dates may have passed. However, we’ll do our best to get you sorted out.

How do I put together a Can’t Stop the Serenity Event?

The first step in organizing a Can’t Stop the Serenity event is to check if your city is already holding a Screening or Affiliate Event. Check out the list on the Find an Event page or on our Forum to see if your city/town is listed. If it is, perhaps you can contact the Event Organizer and join forces! If there’s no event planned for your area, then it’s all systems go for planning your own!

Here are some information to get you on your way:
How To: Find a Crew
How To: Pick a Date
How To: Find a Venue
How To: Budget and Finance Your Event
How To: Become an Official CSTS event
How To: Organise Screening Licensing
How To: Access the Event Organizers Only Forum
How To: Survive being an Event Organizer
How To: Find Attendees
How To: Promote Your Event
How To: Fundraise with Official Merchandise and more
How To: Get an Event Website
How To: Secure Sponsorship for your Event
How To: Organize Ticketing
How To: Keeping Records and Handling Money
How To: Plan a Schedule for your Event
How To: Decorate your Venue
How To: Wrap up your Event & Send in your Donation

As a new Event Organizer, we will endeavour to link you up with an experienced Event Organizer so that you can share in their experience and wisdom. A CSTS Mentor can help you find your feet, give you ideas, be a friendly ear and offer advice. You’ll also have access to the Global Team as well as a wonderful community of Can’t Stop the Serenity supporters.

If you are planning of screening “Serenity” on 35mm film, please note that there may not be enough prints to accommodate each city that requests it. Where possible, it is recommended to choose DCP/DVD/Blu-ray as your screening media to ensure “Serenity” is available for your chosen date. There are no longer any 35mm prints available within the USA.

If you need more help or inspiration, check out our Forum!