The Auction is Live!

For the next 10 days, there will be great items up for auction on e-Bay with all proceeds going to Equality Now.

How about a copy of the Buffy script "Superstar" written by Jane Espenson, signed by Jane Espenson and donated by Jane Espenson?

A must have for those who collect action figures is the rare unpainted Jayne. It's been signed by Adam Baldwin. You might want the Hero of Canton poster, the hat and the Mercenary Jayne action figure to go with it.
Perhaps you'd prefer a unique hand cross-stitched Jayne on a Tshirt which has been paired with a signed photo of Jayne on the mule. This one is shiny because you can still see the equipment used to make the Mule hover.

You'll want to make room on your walls for these posters! The Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing and Dollhouse, all in one Lot, and the Dollhouse poster has been signed.
There are over 40 lots in total.

Our thanks to the California Browncoats for running the auction for us.

Please spread the word. The e-Bay auction started at noon Pacific time on Sat. Nov. 16 and ends on Tuesday Nov. 26th.

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More variety more awesomeitude!

Browncoats are fans of many shows, not just Firefly. That's why we have items like a Tshirt and matching mug from Supernatural. (They both say "Fate")

For Star Trek there is a picture of James T.Kirk, a Star Trek shot glass, a Tshirt and a dogtag of Data. Another auction combo sees a Star Trek TNG 25th Anniversary Baseball Cap paired with dogtags of the new Kirk, Spock and Nero.

A Xena Fan Pack includes 2 DVDs of early convention appearances by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor.
There are also Stargate & Vampire Diaries Fanpacks.

Even if you're not a fan of one of these shows, we bet you'll know someone who is, so spread the word. The e-Bay auction starts at noon Pacific time on Sat. Nov. 16.


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e-Bay auction starts Saturday Nov. 16th

This year CSTS really scored with some excellent items to auction off.
Jane Espenson generously donated copies of her Buffy script Superstar and signed them.

There is an unpainted Jayne action figure- a limited edition created for SDCC 2005 and signed by Adam Baldwin.
We are auctioning off a copy of the Titan book Still Flying and it is signed by Joss Whedon himself with the command to "stay shiny".
There are posters that cover many of Joss' recent works including The Avengers, Dollhouse (signed by some of the cast and crew) and Much Ado About Nothing.

But an item that will get a lot of attention is the North American version of the Serenity poster. This is a mini-one size and it is signed by Joss himself.

As we get closer to Saturday we will post more of the over 40 items we are auctioning to benefit Equality Now. Joss signed Serenity poster

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It’s almost time for our Big EBay auction and the 2014 art contest!

Every year we invite Browncoats from around the Globe to submit designs for the next year's Can't Stop The Serenity. The official announcement will be made soon so start thinking about what you are going to create. Take a look at what you'll need to know but essentially:

  • All artwork you submit must be your own. If you plan to incorporate any stock imagery in your entry, you must have documentation showing that you have permission to use and reproduce it.
  • Don't use copyrighted artwork in your submission.
  • Because this is about Equality Now and Peace in the ‘Verse, there should be no overt violence portrayed within the art.
  • The official CSTS logo which incorporates the Equality Now & Serenity symbols must be part of the design and must remain as designed.

But this year isn't over! We have an amazing auction starting next Saturday, Nov. 16th. We have had some wonderful donations. For instance, James Hance drew all the Serenity crew in one day then donated the original artwork to our auction. Zoe here will be paired with Wash as one auction item.

Zoe by Hance

Stay tuned for more details and pictures of some of the shiny items.

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Make Equality Reality

On Monday Nov. 4th, Equality Now is honoring Joss Whedon in an evening event in Los Angeles.

Called Make Equality Reality, the Event Chair is Gloria Steinem and the host is Paul Reiser with a special live performance by two-time Grammy winning singer songwriter Colbie Caillat. It is being billed as an evening of music, film and theatre with special guests including Jada Pinkett Smith and Alyson Hannigan

Joss is a member of the EN Advisory Board and a long time & very vocal supporter of Equality Now's work. As part of this, Equality Now is asking "What would you do to make gender equality a reality for women & girls everywhere?"

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The Final Screening of the Season

Salt Lake City is seeing the CSTS event season out with style!

On Oct. 26th,the Utah Browncoats will gather to see Serenity once again. There will be an auction and raffle and some shiny swag for sale. Firefly/Serenity costumes are very much encouraged!

Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door.

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