Can’t Stop the Serenity 2013 gets off to a great start

This Saturday April 20 there is 2 events in 2 countries, doing what we do best.
Raising money for charity and having fun while doing it.

The Tidewater Browncoats in Norfolk, Virginia have the first screening of the Season. They will be showing Dr. Horrible's Sing a long Blog, Mikey Mason is doing not one but two sets and new this year is Comedian James Rodatus. There will be many funny videos and last and certainly not least, the movie itself. Serenity. Proceeds go to Equality Now and Samaritan House.
Costumes are encouraged and you can buy tickets at the door.

Up Canada way, the Alberta Browncoats are starting with an Affiliate event at Happy Harbour Comics in Edmonton. Watch Dr. Horrible and some great videos of the nerdy kind. Admission is by donation - be generous. The money goes to great charities; Equality Now and YESS. For details see the website.

Interested in having an event yourself? Registration is still open for August and September. Check out Host an Event just up there ^, for details!

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Did you know your support of Can’t Stop the Serenity helps Equality Now end global and local sex trafficking?

As we launch into another season of Can't Stop the Serenity, you may find yourself being asked why you attend these events and what your support means. You may even be asking this of yourself. Can't Stop the Serenity is not just about watching Serenity on the big screen, enjoying the company of Browncoats, and winning prizes is raffles, contests and auctions. It's much bigger than that.

Being part of Can't Stop the Serenity – as an organizer, a sponsor or an attendee - means that you are helping to put a stop to violence and discrimination. By using your voice and opening your wallet, you are helping to change the world for the better. For each friend you tell about the work of Equality Now, you are adding a voice to the chorus for change. For every dollar that you spend on tickets, merchandise and donate, you are giving Equality Now the ability to make change happen.

It's the people at Equality Now and their partners who do the really hard work, who help rebuild the lives of women and girls who have experienced horrific treatment at the hands of individuals and governments, and who fight to change the communities and laws to protect instead of injure. And by giving generously of your time, energy and money, you give them the power to do what they've been called to do.

But what exactly does Equality Now do? This month, we’d like to highlight one of the areas where Equality Now has been working for change.

Alma is a survivor of commercial sex exploitation, coerced into prostitution by the owner of a bar near a US military base in the Philippines. Alma’s story is the first in a series of Survivor Stories. Each month, a new story will be published at amplifying survivor's voices to expose coercion, trafficking and sexual abuse in Cambodia, Brazil, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, Uganda, the US, and the UK. The series highlights the work of anti-trafficking advocates around the world and offers online actions readers can take to support global efforts against the multi-billion-dollar trafficking industry. The Survivor Stories series aims to firmly establish the link between trafficking and how it fuels the large and diverse commercial sex industry. Equality Now and its partners are committed to reducing the demand for commercial sex by advancing policies that criminalize buyers of sex while decriminalizing those who are sold for sex and providing them with support services.

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A Good Excuse

So you want to have a shindig with your fellow Browncoats. But everyone is so busy and it's hard to agree on a time or a place. And everyone is well meaning but nothing ever quite gets off the ground.

Do we have just the thing for you! Hold a Can't Stop the Serenity Event! It's BIG (or small), Splashy (or sedate). We will help you promote it and it will be the event to attend!

Think about it. You get to see Serenity if you choose to do a full screening, or with an Affiliate event, Dr Horrible and a whole slew of other videos we got permission to show this year. You are surrounded by fellow Browncoats and anyone else you choose to invite. (Maybe your great aunt Ethel needs a night out?) And you raise money for charity.
Win Win Win.

Intrigued? Check out the details just up there at Host an Event.

Note: If you want to hold an event in June or July, the deadline for getting a full registration in is March 31st.

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Over $800,000 raised over 7 Years!

In the 2012 year, Can't Stop The Serenity raised $110,465.98 for Equality Now and 19 other charities. This brings our total to over $800,000.00 U.S. over the last 7 years. New cities joined the cause and we had events in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

With Equality Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, we are especially pleased to be able to donate in this banner year.

Thank you to all our sponsors, organizers, and participants, for contributing to this tremendous success!

We deeply appreciate your commitment and generosity in helping us to support the rights of women and girls worldwide.

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Registration is now open for 2013

Registrations is now open for the 2013 Can't Stop The Serenity screening season.

We've made a couple of changes we think you will like. The event window now starts April 1st and goes until Sept. 30. We hope that this will give colleges, universities and other schools a better chance to run either a full screening or an Affiliate while school is still in. Cities that have a good sized school in their area can consider if they will get students if they hold their event in one of the spring months.

There are 2 kinds of events.
Screenings show Serenity and may or may not have a variety of other things as well, such as raffles, auctions, contests and other multimedia (pending licensing arrangements). The majority of CSTS events are Screening events.
Affiliate This can be any kind of event that doesn't feature a screening of Serenity, such as a BBQ, Dr Horrible screening, dance party, musical performance, trivia night etc. The options are only as limited as your imagination! We have a wide assortment of videos that we have been given the license to show, from the Guild to an episode from The Daly Show. If you can't organize a Screening Event, an Affiliate Event may be the answer. The money raised goes to Charity just as the Screening events profits do. 75% goes to Equality Now and the other 25% can also go there or you may choose to designate it for other charities.

Want to know more? Check the details at the Host An Event tab above. This includes the all important deadlines.

If you are interested in running one of these but don't have all the details set, fill in the short Expression of Interest Form.

If you have everything all set, then go straight to the Registration Form and fill that in. Either will let us know you are working on it and you will get access to all sorts of information and help.

Welcome to Can’t Stop The Serenity 2013. We are glad to have you onboard.

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Message from Dave

Hello Browncoats! We're coming up on our eighth year; who would have believed that a grass roots movement based on a failed TV show and a movie that barely broke even would have lasted this long or done so much good.

A guy had an idea and others bought into it, nurtured it and now here we are. I don't know the names of all the plank owners, the organizers of the first events, but one day I will and if I ever meet you I'll certainly buy the first round.

We've been asking around for ways to make things better and we've received some good ideas.
First, the registration process is being streamlined.
Second,we're going to open up the event window to include April and May. Our hope is to attract events at college towns and on campuses while the kids are still in town. This might work, it might not. If it brings in a little money then that's money for a good cause and it's all to the good.

There is a caveat: the merch and the donation packs might not be ready.

We can however supply lots of additional content in the forms of funny dvds and Browncoat music. Adam Warrock, Mikey Mason and Marc Gunn have all donated music and the Signal has made several anthologies available that we can burn to cd., TheDalyShow, Nathan Town and Mikey Mason have granted permission to use some very funny stuff. We've burned that to dvd and will deliver it fresh to your door. Felicia Day is letting us screen The Guild episodes so snag the dvds and have at it.

Third, we're exploring how to make this year's artwork available to Cafe Press, Zazzle or whoever gives us the best deal in order to make the merch available to folks who couldn't make an event or the shows that didn't make a bulk order. Watch the forums and feel free to give input.

We here at CSTS Globular Command realize that we're geeks helping other geeks watch geekery. To that end we have two jobs.
One, provide assistance and content to help you run a successful event.
The other is to make sure that the people who give you money can be confident that the funds are going to do some good. Use transparent accounting and please respect copyrights.

You have two jobs, too. One, raise funds for our worthy causes. Two, have as much fun as possible doing it. Be bold, be creative. Sometimes events can get a bit stale doing the same thing year after year. Feel free to spend a little money on entertainment. You might send in a bit less but you might keep a good thing going a few years more.
If you are fried, if you have a gripe or a problem or if you have some ideas feel free to call me at 757-636-0536. Write me at , we can skype as well.

Be active on the forums. Remember that we're nerds cut from the same cloth or else we wouldn't be here. Stay Shiny,


Stay Calm and Enjoy Event

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