Can’t Stop the Serenity Flies with a Screening in Vancouver

On Saturday, May 25th, Vancouver returns with their 8th Annual CSTS Screening.

But they're not sitting on their laurels. This year promises to be better than ever.
There is a scavenger hunt on now, with the winner to be announced at the screening.

Jewel Staite dropped by to sign all sorts of items for the auction. She has even offered to record a

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We Have Prizes!

Three wonderful 2013 calenders have been donated to CSTS and we want you to have one. Even though some of the year is gone, we think you won't mind when you see the pictures!
One is a Xena Princess Warrior calender and the other is Supernatural.

How do you enter? If you are on Twitter, just retweet an @CSTS or @EqualityNow tweet, then send us a tweet and tell us which calender you would like. Include the hashtag #signal

If you are on Facebook, share one of our posts or one of Equality Now's and again, let us know yo

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Can’t Stop the Serenity 2013 gets off to a great start

This Saturday April 20 there is 2 events in 2 countries, doing what we do best.
Raising money for charity and having fun while doing it.

The Tidewater Browncoats in Norfolk, Virginia have the first screening of the Season. They will be showing Dr. Horrible's Sing a long Blog, Mikey Mason is doing not one but two sets and new this year is Comedian James Rodatus. There will be many funny videos and last and certainly not least, the movie itself. Serenity. Proceeds go to

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Did you know your support of Can’t Stop the Serenity helps Equality Now end global and local sex trafficking?

As we launch into another season of Can't Stop the Serenity, you may find yourself being asked why you attend these events and what your support means. You may even be asking this of yourself. Can't Stop the Serenity is not just about watching Serenity on the big screen, enjoying the company of Browncoats, and winning prizes is raffles, contests and auctions. It's much bigger than that.

Being part of Can't Stop the Serenity – as an organizer, a sponsor or an attendee - means that you are helping to put a stop to violence and disc

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A Good Excuse

So you want to have a shindig with your fellow Browncoats. But everyone is so busy and it's hard to agree on a time or a place. And everyone is well meaning but nothing ever quite gets off the ground.

Do we have just the thing for you! Hold a Can't Stop the Serenity Event! It's BIG (or small), Splashy (or sedate). We will help you promote it and it will be the event to attend!

Think about it. You get to see Serenity if you choose to do a full screening, or with an Affiliate event, Dr Horrible and a whole slew of

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Over $800,000 raised over 7 Years!

In the 2012 year, Can't Stop The Serenity raised $110,465.98 for Equality Now and 19 other charities. This brings our total to over $800,000.00 U.S. over the last 7 years. New cities joined the cause and we had events in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

With Equality Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, we are especially pleased to be able to donate in this banner year.

Thank you to all our sponsors, organizers, and participants, for contributing to this tremendous success!

We deepl

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