September Heats Up

We started September with an awesome event in London but this coming weekend sees two screenings and an Affiliate.

It is always a great time with the Chicagoland Browncoats and this year will be no different. The Screening this year is at the Genesee Theatre with ample parking, and public transit to get you there. There will be an stupendous silent auction (check the website for details and pictures), a costume contest, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and of course, Serenity. All Whedonverse characters are welco

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London brings back CSTS

Saturday, Sept. 7th, The Londinium Browncoats welcome all to the Jet Lag Bar. There will be a showing of Serenity & Dr. Horrible but that's not all!

Put together your favourite Whedonite costume for the cosplay competition. Brush on your Firefly/Serenity facts for the Quiz and hold onto your tickets for the raffle. The Londinium Browncoats have been getting shiny prizes for the raffle from around the world.

And just when you think that will be it, there's an afterparty!

Please note this is an over

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Tickets Going Fast!

Both Melbourne and Phoenix are fortunate to be, at this time of writing, close to selling out their Can't Stop The Serenity events!

And no wonder!

Melbourne has Serenity, Dr. Horrible, raffles, a costume contest, Hero of Canton karaoke and more. Their auctions are full of must-have items. But get your tickets fast!

Phoenix always has a great time with Dr. Horrible, Serenity, awesome merch, a costume contest and even a Photo Booth. The raffle features rare an

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From the Atlantic Ocean to the Desert

Saturday Aug 17 is a busy busy day for Can't Stop the Serenity with three events running.

First up, with the doors opening at 4:00, is a Mighty Fine Shindig put on by the South Florida Browncoats. There will be raffles, merchandise, Serenity of course and a lot of mixing and mingling. A costume contest is sure to please as will a screening of Dr. Horible.

Further up the coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they aren't satisfied to show Serenity and Dr. Horrible once! Nope, th

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Make a Weekend of It

Minneapolis is starting off the weekend on Thursday with a big event. Showing both Dr. Horrible and Serenity in one night! Starting at 8:30, this is perfect for anyone who has to work the next day. ;)
They continue the fun with both Friday and Saturday nights seeing the doors open at 11:00 p.m. with Serenity being shown at 11:30. There are raffles all three nights with great prizes to be had. The Riverview is a restored 1950's Art Deco theater and a treat just in itself.

Whedonfest is underway

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Perth Takes Flight Aug. 3rd

For the first time since 2005, Serenity is back in a cinema in Perth! The Perth Browncoats hold their CSTS screening on Aug. 3rd followed by a now sold out Shindig.

There are discounted popcorn combos, a door prize, raffle, lucky dip bags & prize hampers. Costumes are encouraged, and there is a prize for the best dressed. The online auctions will end right before the movie starts, so that is your last and best chance to get the items you've been eyeing.

The shindig will have more auction items, raffles and bingo.


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