Nominations are now open to join the 2013 Global Team

Can't Stop the Serenity 2013 wants you!

Do you to help guide Can't Stop the Serenity towards a bright future and make 2013 happen? Do you know someone who would like to be involved at a global level? Nominations are now open for roles on 2013 Global Team!

Can't Stop the Serenity is organised entirely by volunteers who work side by side with local event organisers to make each year's events a success. We're looking for dedicated, passi

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Final Weekend of CSTS Events

The last weekend of Can't Stop The Serenity events sees us end with a bang as five screenings and an Affiliate event take place in the US and Canada.

Salt Lake City has an afternoon of fun planned for Sept. 29th with a Costume Contest, raffle and of course Serenity. Since it is a Cinema pub you must be 21 with ID to enter.

Edmonton, AB is showing all episodes of the Guild - at the Whedon friendly comic book store Happy Harbour Comics. The fun gets underway at 10:30. Details at t

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Design our next logo! It’s time for the 2013 CSTS Promo Art Contest!

The Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art contest is back for 2013!

In its seven-year history, Can't Stop The Serenity has raised more than half a million dollars for Equality Now. We can do even more good works this year, but only if people show up! That's where you come in. Since we've been doing this for more than half a decade now, the novelty factor has worn off, which means it's more important than ever before to build excitement for CSTS. The annual logo, poster and t-shirts are critical tools for raising awarene

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Big Weekend Coming Up

CSTS cities are out in full force this weekend with events in 3 countries.

Tucson, AZ has a raffle, a costume contest, local sci-fi/steampunk webisodes, some gaming, Dr. Horrible and Serenity, all in one evening. It will be held at the historic Fox theater.

Bristol in the UK also has a Serenity screening as well as a look back at the TV show, Chuck. When it is over, everyone will repair to the pub nearby.

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Why Smart Pop Books supports CSTS

We asked our sponsors why they support Can't Stop The Serenity.

Leah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of Smart Pop replies:

My favorite part of working on BenBella’s Smart Pop titles is the contact we get to have with fandom — with the people who devote their time and energy to not only building community, but doing good on behalf of the books and shows and films they love.

It's a (wonderful) inevitability that communities bear strong resemblance, especially in values, to

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Chicago and Houston break atmo this weekend

September 8th sees the Chicagoland Browncoats holding an event packed screening. They have great auction items including a Firefly script signed by Tim Minear. They are also looking forward to a costume contest with any character from the Whedonverse. Everything gets started at 6:00 p.m. and ends with the screening of Serenity. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston has jumped onboard and will be showing Serenity, not

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