Why Jane Espenson supports CSTS

We have been asking our sponsors why they support Can't Stop the Serenity. This is writer/producer Jane Espenson's answer:

I support Can't Stop the Serenity because they've taken something that was made with a generous heart, and magnified that generosity a thousand times over.

Jane Espenson Husbands

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Lawrence KS and Philadelphia PA have screenings this weekend

Philadelphia is packing in loads of merriment with live music courtesy Sean Faust, Sci-Fi trivia with a surprise twist and a Special Hell screening of Serenity. You are not only allowed to talk at the theatre, you will be encouraged to.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is back for the 2nd time this month.You can double your fun with a screening of both Serenity and Dr. Horrible. There will also be a raffle with some awesome prizes.

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Exclusive Joss Whedon designed and signed Equality Now T-Shirt

Many will recognize this Tshirt as one that Joss has frequently worn. Now he has made the design available for a very brief time. Equality Now UK has put 5 up for auction on eBay UK. One each in sizes small to extra large.

As an added bonus, they are signed by Joss

This ships only to the UK and the auction is over in 16 hours - that's about 8:00 p.m. GMT, June 23, 2012.


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Nine Screenings This Weekend!

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

To Celebrate Joss' birthday we have 9 Screening events going on this weekend in three countries.

Saturday, June 23 starts off in Gateshead, U.K. at 10 a.m. with Serenity, an auction and an awesome sale of film posters including Cabin in the Woods and Avengers Assemble before everyone heads to a shindig for more fun including a tough Whedonverse quiz!

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This Weekend’s Event: Charleston, SC

Charleston is having its first Can't Stop The Serenity Event and it promises to be a good one.
Besides the Big Damn Movie, Charleston will have raffles, trivia and a costume contest.

Local artists, restaurants and shops have donated items for the silent auction.

So bring your cashy money and head over on Sunday July 17th. Details at the website.

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Why JL Hilton Supports CSTS

I organized the first Raleigh screening in 2006, because I loved Firefly. I loved it with all my heart and soul, in a way I'd never loved any TV show before. At the time, I didn't expect to raise money for Equality Now. I expected to pay hundreds of dollars for the venue rental and movie rights out of my own pocket, to sit in a theater with maybe twelve other people and watch Serenity on the big damn screen again.

Instead, the 200-seat theater sold out. We had a costume contest, and several people actually showed up in costume. Peo

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