We’re Auctioning off Float Out!

Float Out, Patton Oswalt’s Wash-centric comic, comes out June 2nd. To celebrate, Can’t Stop the Serenity is auctioning an original page of the comic by Patric Reynolds. Thanks to Patric Reynolds for this generous donation! The original page is black ink on white paper. We will auction this page, along with a copy of Float Out this month. Don’t forget, we are also auctioning Jo Chen’s original cover art for Float Out. This is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Browncoats! Thank you to our generous sponsors who have given Browncoats these opportunities to own memorabilia from this exciting new piece of the ‘verse!

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We’re Auctioning off Captain Hammer!

More exciting news for Browncoats! Gene Ha has very generously donated a piece of Captain Hammer original artwork and a bonus color print for auction. So this year a lucky Browncoat will be the owner of an autographed, original artwork of our favorite (anti)superhero! Gene Ha is a talented comic artist. He has worked on such projects as Top 10 and Justice League of America.  For more information visit his website, www.geneha.com. Gene designed the cover for the HERO comic initiative, and has graciously donated an autographed pinup to CSTS.  The pinup & print will be auctioned in June as we kick off our events and will get the ball rolling for 2010’s awesome screenings! The original art is India ink on 11"x17" Strathmore archival acid-free bristol paper.

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“Browncoats: Redemption” is coming to CSTS!

We're very excited to announce that the good folks behind Browncoats: Redemption - A Fan Film for Charity will be giving every CSTS event a chance to show a sneak peak of their film, which will be released in September 2010. Browncoats: Redemption takes place three months after the events on Miranda and we find Captain Laura Matthews and the crew of Redemption unintentionally thrown into a situation that some view as the potential catalyst for the second unified rise of the Independents against the Alliance, since Unification Day. The Alliance is looking for a scape goat for Miranda while those unhappy with the Alliance are looking for a rallying cry to take action. Through all this, a secret about Laura is exposed that shakes the very core of the crew, threatening to break it up, challenge the trust that she’s earned with the Browncoats, and undo all the efforts she has put into place to keep a sense of peace in her life since the first Unification War. Browncoats: Redemption Trailer 3 from browncoatsmovie on Vimeo. Seven lucky cities have also been chosen to receive an early "rough cut" of the film, thanks to an essay contest that saw event organisers from across the globe share how their city fits into the Verse. The lucky winners are... drum roll please... : Congratulations to the lucky attendees of Can't Stop the Serenity events in:

  • Charlotte, NC USA
  • Lawrence, KS USA
  • Lebanon, TN USA
  • Boston, MA USA
  • Portland, OR USA
  • Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Become a Global Sponsor in 2010

Are you interested in joining the global phenomenon that is Can’t Stop the Serenity by becoming a global sponsor? Can’t Stop the Serenity is a global charity event which reaches thousands of pop culture fans every year.  Fans of Joss Whedon in 52 cities over 7 countries organize screenings of “Serenity” to raise money and awareness for Equality Now - an organization that advocates for the rights of women and girls on a global scale, through social pressure and grassroots education – and other worthy charities.  Since 2006 we have raised over $400,000 and we are aiming to raise a further $150,000 in 2010 as we continue to grow and reach new areas. As a Global Sponsor, you will reach a wide audience and be associated with a highly successful charity event.  Our fans are keen to support those who support us, and we welcome the opportunity to bring you into our family. Global Sponsorship can come in many shapes and forms, and we are confident that we can find something to suit you.

  • Prize Pack Sponsor – Donation of merchandise and other items that can be used as prizes at local events in raffles, auctions or competitions to assist our local organizers raise money for Equality Now.  The minimum quantity is 60 items (one per local event), and all items must be received by April 30th to enable distribution to local event organizers.
  • Auction Sponsor – Donation of items for our Global eBay Auction such as memorabilia, autographs and other unique items.  Auctions will be held in June and October.
  • Media Partner – Join us in promoting Can’t Stop the Serenity by providing advertising on your website and communications.
  • Merchandise Partner – Enable local organizers to purchase merchandise at a discounted rate to sell at local events to raise money for Equality Now.
Equality Now is a non-profit organization in the US and UK, so your donation will be tax deductible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would be happy to discuss the various options and benefits available to you.  Please contact Christine, the 2010 Global Organiser, at christine@cantstoptheserenity.com.

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A Shiny Donation

Can't Stop the Serenity is grateful for the shiny donations we receive, and we love giving our benefactors a spotlight! Praised for her work on the covers of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8, Jo Chen is a well known name in the comic book realm. Now, her art work is gracing the Firefly 'verse, too! Set to hit shelves on June 2nd, "Float-Out" will be a beautiful addition to the Firefly/Serenity cannon and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Even more spectacular is the shiny donation bit: the original cover art is being donated to Can't Stop the Serenity!  From all of us here at CSTS, we'd like to say thank you for the support. So, what will we be doing with this donated piece of treasure? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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And the winner is…

First off, we want to thank each and every one of our entrants in this years Promotional Art Contest. We had more entries than last year, and they were all fantastic in their own way. It was a tough decision for me personally on which I voted on, as I'm sure many of you experienced. However, we can only have one "winner" here and that winner is: #5 by Don McMillan from Ottawa, ON Canada. You might remember Don's work from last year's promotional art. Congratulations Don, and thanks to all who entered for the hard work they put into their entries.

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