Global Prize Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the winners in our Global Prize Draws! A custom made Serenity glass plate signed by Jewel Staite, Gina Torres, Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin, donated by Tami Lankford Winner: M. Writtle (CSTS Phoenix) A voice acting role for ‘Firefly Between The Lines’, donated by Between the Lines Studios Winner: C. Smith (CSTS Minneapolis) A Dollhouse poster signed by Joss Whedon, donated by Buffyfest Winner: E. Cavallo (CSTS Nashville) $75 Visa Gift Card, and a donation in your name from the Kids Need to Read Foundation to an under-funded school/library of your choice (approximate donation value of $500, click here for details), donated by The Kids Need to Read Foundation (KNTR) (and an amazing anonymous angel) Winner: J. Thursfield (CSTS Nottingham) A Super Secret Basket of Firefly and Serenity goodies worth over 250 credits, including a script signed by Jane Espenson, an "Earth that will be" Poster, a Steve Anderson Custom Art Piece, QMx Money Pack, 3 Silicone Browncoat Bracelets, Dark Horse PVC set, Set of Comic Books, Soldier T-Shirt, a Independent mug and a small tea, 2oz Inara, donated by the Austin Browncoats. Winner: D. Wolford (CSTS Los Angeles) Winners will be contacted via email.

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Announcing the 2010 Global Organiser! *drum roll*

We are delighted to announce that the 2010 Global Organiser is Christine Mooney from Portland OR USA, Can't Stop the Serenity's founding city. Christine will be responsible for coordinating next year's fundraising effort, and will be commencing her role on 4 January 2010. Says Christine: I’m Christine Mooney (aka cbglacier) and I’m a Browncoat. Whenever I fill out an ‘about me’, I list myself as ‘Mama, RN, Browncoat, Scaper, genre fan’. I am immensely proud of what those labels say about me and what they are coming to mean. Not only are genre fans followers and collectors but also we have become organizers and givers, using our collective passion for causes to come together and do good deeds. Those causes range from Can't Stop the Serenity, Kids Need To Read, providing copies of the Farscape DVDs to libraries and troops overseas, to Buffy blood drives, and the many other projects that Browncoat groups get involved with in their communities. I have seen my genre groups come together to help each other out through fire, flood, and the loss of loved ones. The opportunity to be the 2010 Can’t Stop the Serenity Global Organizer is a challenge, but I’m excited for the adventure to create another wonderful year for CSTS and to benefit Equality Now. I have been a member of PDX Browncoats since 2005 and a volunteer at Portland’s CSTS events every year. Due to finishing my Bachelors of Science: Nursing (with a part time job and kids) I’ve only now been able to move further into the organizing side of our group. I was involved with the Browncoat Ball organizing committee this year and it was our Work Group that suggested I apply for the 2010 Can't Stop the Serenity Global Organiser position. I accept their faith in my abilities and the faith of the 2009 Local Organisers who have voted for me, and I consider it an honor to have been selected as Global Organizer for 2010. I have a number of goals for 2010:

  • I’d like to work on more and earlier PR and advertising. We’re all volunteers and no working budget so there’s a lot of room for brainstorming new ideas. I noticed increased promotion in 2009; a lot more podcast interviews with Global, Broadwave emails and Twitter. We need to spread the word earlier and across more genres, more podcasts and social networking; ‘fans’ unite for good works.
  • The 2010 Global Art Design contest is beginning in January, so local groups going to conventions & events can begin to promote early and often with a shiny 2010/5th anniversary design. By releasing the winning design online, allows local organisers the opportunity to save money on t-shirt and poster printing, shipping, and taxes abroad.
  • We need to continue to cultivate the outstanding sponsorships of our past genre partners and we should also continue to develop relationships with other brands that are known in the Browncoat community. This could include musicians, artists, writers, and merchants who create and sell Firefly and Serenity merchandise, as well as merchandise from other Joss Whedon productions.
  • I would like to see Global look for more cross advertising/sponsorship from conventions; Emerald City Comic Con, Wonder Con, Creation Entertainment, Dragon*Con, and NYC Comic Con. These conventions represent places where concentrated groups of fans gather to revel in their enjoyment of Science Fiction, not least of which is Firefly and Serenity. By working with the cons, we will have the opportunity to communicate directly with these fans thereby raising the awareness of what we are doing and the work Equality Now is doing.
To achieve this and more, I need to build a team. The 2010 Global Team. This team will ensure that local organisers are supported, and that the 2010 fundraising efforts build on the successes of past years. The 2010 Global Team will consist of a Communication/Logistics team and a Financial team. The Communication/Logistics team will include Communication officer (Team Leader under Global Organiser), PR officer, Registration officer, Mentorship officer, and Web guru. The Financial team will include Financial officer (Team leader under Global Organiser), Asst. Financial officer, Merchandise officer, and Sponsorship officer. Please think about joining me and being part of making 2010 a success! We welcome Christine and look forward to another outstanding of Can't Stop the Serenity events. The Global Steering Committee also welcomes new members. This committee is responsible for guiding our events from year to year, and ensuring that our goals stay true. The Global Steering Committee consists of Anne Barringer (Past Global Organiser, from Memphis, TN USA), Jen Cummings (Asia Pacific Representative, from Melbourne, Australia), Marg Grady (North America Representative, from Phoenix, AZ USA) and Amanda Sullivan (from Equality Now). The position of Europe Representative has not yet been filled.

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Avitech Graphics supports CSTS with Laser Engraved Serenity Schematics

The creative team at Avitech Graphics are supporting "Can't Stop the Serenity" through the sales of Laser Engraved Serenity Schematics. If you're not familiar with Avitech Graphics, they are the folks behind the CSTS Auction Exclusive laser engraved metal artwork featuring Serenity’s crew. From now until December 31, $5 from the sale of each Laser Engraved Metal Firefly Serenity Schematics will be donated to the Equality Now in support of Can’t Stop the Serenity. This wonderful design is not a poster - it's a very shiny engraved piece of aluminum! Photos do not truly convey this stunning piece of art. The coated aluminum etching measures 12"x24" and is mounted on black foam core ready for framing. This design is limited to 250 pieces. Thank you Avitech Graphics for supporting Equality Now and Can't Stop the Serenity!

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Charity Auction – Week 2

Last Hurrah Auction

This is the last week in our global charity "Last Hurrah" auction, and we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs! Do you want to own a Serenity poster signed by Joss Whedon himself? What about a costume props from Dollhouse? A Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog print signed by Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day? Autographed goodies from Gina Torres, Mark Sheppard, Dichen Lachman, Felicia Day, or the cast of The Guild? Permaybehaps even a bobble-headed geisha doll? Now's your chance! We've got lots of prizes up for grabs and every single one benefits Equality Now. So check out our Auction page for the full list! The auctions are on eBay right now, so get bidding before time runs out! All proceeds from the auctions will be donated to Equality Now, so bid high and bid often! This is a wonderful opportunity to own an awesome prize, and help Equality Now fight for the rights of women and girls who can’t fight for themselves.

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Geeky Clean supports CSTS with Browncoat Ration Soap

"A message to the last remaining members of the resistance: take care of yourself. Whether you're out on that newly terraformed moon, or flying solo through the 'verse, civility is what separates us from those savages on the fringe." This important advice comes from the good folks at Geeky Clean, who are supporting "Can't Stop the Serenity" through the sales of Browncoat Ration Soap. From now until Christmas, $1 from each bar of Browncoat Ration Soap purchased will be donated to the Equality Now in support of "Can’t Stop the Serenity". This Browncoat field ration contains a combination of brown sugar scrub on one side, and a creamy apple cinnamon soap on the other. Each bar has 2 whole spoonfuls of real brown sugar and weighs roughly 4-5 oz. So if you're out there on the front lines, or you know an Independent who is, this is the perfect solution to staying clean!

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Global Steering Committee Call for Applications now open

The Call for Applications for the CSTS Global Steering Committee are now open! This Committee will be the backbone of Can't Stop the Serenity going forward, and provide guidance and support to the Global Organiser, Global Team and Event Organisers to ensure the continued success of this annual event. The Committee will be responsible for overseeing, advising and supporting the Global Organiser, and ensuring that each year's events are well organised and stay true to the event's vision. You can view the Call for Applications and details on how to apply here. Applications close on 25 November 2009.

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