Why Smart Pop Books supports CSTS

We asked our sponsors why they support Can't Stop The Serenity.

Leah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief of Smart Pop replies:

My favorite part of working on BenBella’s Smart Pop titles is the contact we get to have with fandom — with the people who devote their time and energy to not only building community, but doing good on behalf of the books and shows and films they love.

It's a (wonderful) inevitability that communities bear strong resemblance, especially in values, to

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Chicago and Houston break atmo this weekend

September 8th sees the Chicagoland Browncoats holding an event packed screening. They have great auction items including a Firefly script signed by Tim Minear. They are also looking forward to a costume contest with any character from the Whedonverse. Everything gets started at 6:00 p.m. and ends with the screening of Serenity. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston has jumped onboard and will be showing Serenity, not

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Why Think Geek supports CSTS

We asked our sponsors why they support Can't Stop The Serenity.

This is what Steven Zimmerman of Think Geek had to say.

""Because our coats are brown.
Because life should be shiny.
Because everyone can be a big damn hero.

It might be cliche, but we're fans above all else. ThinkGeek does what it does because everyone here has an interest in the culture and community that surrounds and astounds us.
CSTS is no different. To see such a dedicated group going out year

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Serenity screenings Aug. 24-26

It's another full weekend for Can't Stop The Serenity Cities.

The New Melbourne Browncoats have an afternoon packed full. There will be a raffle, auction, door prizes, Dr. Horrible will be shown and the New Melbourne Browncoats plan to beat Philadelphia's record with their own Hero of Canton karaoke.

They will also be showing a special interview with Sean Maher filmed just for

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Halifax shows Serenity 4 times in two days

On Aug. 17th and 18th, Halifax, NS will hold a CSTS event with a 2 day long silent auction, an Evil laugh contest each day, Dr. Horrible shown each event and yes, Serenity 4 times.

You can choose an afternoon event or an evening, Friday or Saturday. The final Saturday screening will be a "Special Hell" version.

Each event will also have a Trivia contest with sections such as complete the quote: "We applied the cortical electrod

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Why Sending A Wave Supports CSTS

We asked our sponsors why they support Can't Stop The Serenity.

Wendy Scott of the UK podcast Sending a Wave answers:

Personally speaking, I think Mal Reynolds pretty much hit the nail on the head when he said "It ain't about you, Jayne. It's about what they need" at the end of "Jaynestown" and I believe that the same can apply to CSTS in that it was created to support a charity that truly acts on the global stage bringing issues, distasteful and dist

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