Become a Global Sponsor in 2017

Are you interested in joining the global phenomenon that is Can’t Stop the Serenity by becoming a global sponsor?

Can’t Stop the Serenity is a worldwide charity event which has reached thousands of pop culture fans since it first began in 2006 and raised over $1,200,000 for our supported charities.  Created by Fans of Joss Whedon to raise awareness of world issues and to celebrate his film Serenity, the cause has now spanned over 120 cities in 9 countries, with 40-50 cities hosting events each year.  Fans of Serenity gather to share their love of the film and to raise money and awareness for Equality Now – an organization that advocates for the rights of women and girls on a global scale, through social pressure and grassroots education – and other worthy charities.

As a Global Sponsor, you will reach a wide, dedicated audience and be associated with a highly successful charity event.  Our fans are keen to support those who support us, and we welcome the opportunity to bring you into our family.

Global Sponsorship can come in many shapes and forms, and we are confident that we can find something to suit you.

  • Global Prize Pack Sponsorship – Donation of merchandise and other items that can be used as prizes at local events in raffles, auctions, or competitions to assist our local organizers raise money for Equality Now.  The minimum quantity is 40 items (one per local event), though greater quantities are always appreciated. All items must be received by May 20 to enable distribution to local event organizers.
  • Auction Sponsorship – Donation of items for our CSTS Global Auction such as memorabilia, autographs and other unique items.  The auction will be held in October on eBay.
  • Merchandise Partnership – Enable local organizers to purchase merchandise at a discounted rate to sell at local events to raise money for Equality Now.

Equality Now is a non-profit organization in the US and UK, so your donation will be tax deductible.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, and if you have questions about how you can support Equality Now, we would be happy to discuss the various options and benefits available to you.  To discuss your participation, please contact Bob Averell, the 2017 CSTS Global Event Coordinator, at

Past CSTS Global Sponsors: