Orange County Browncoats show they’re a real power for good this weekend

The Orange County Browncoats are back with their eighth Can’t Stop the Serenity event on Saturday 8th October, at the AMC Woodbridge 5 Theatre.

Organiser Dawn says “This is our eighth CSTS-OC, and we are excited to be back! We will be screening Serenity on the big screen (of course), plus the afternoon includes a cosplay contest, an auction of shiny items and prize drawings. Browncoat merchandise will also be available. The event will start at 2.15pm and end at 6:00ish. It’s a perfect time of day to allow Browncoats to meet up if they want to extend the fun before or after our shindig.”

When asked why she got involved in CSTS, Dawn says “Several years back, I had a great time at CSTS-LA, and I knew San Diego had a CSTS going, and I thought, why not Orange County? I figured, hey, why not me – I can do that. It was definitely a lot easier with lots of logistical support (and so much more) from the California Browncoats. The first year of CSTS-OC, we had a strong turnout, and it’s kept going with ongoing partnership with the California Browncoats; amazing Browncoat volunteers giving their time and talent; generous donations from so many merchants, artists and Browncoats; and generous Browncoats bidding on auction items, donating on top of ticket prices, etc.

To be honest, my husband doesn’t get why I work on CSTS-OC (even though he is supportive), but I keep doing it because there is great camaraderie and kinship among Browncoats, and it feels almost like a family reunion. It’s just so fun to get a bunch of Browncoats together in one place, and all the better when we are raising money for a great cause: Equality Now.

Last year I had to take a break from being organizer, and unfortunately, there was no CSTS-OC 2015, which really bummed me out. I am really excited to be back this year for our eighth time. I am also excited to have a co-organizer this year. Lynelle reached out to see if she could be part of putting on CSTS-OC, and I admire her diving in with great energy amidst her very busy life. It’s great to have a “partner in crime.” :)”

Lynelle adds “I came to the CSTS screenings a little late – my first was the Orange County one, 3 years ago. People were dressed up, there was a Dr. Horrible sing along, it was a big, fun, Browncoat themed party – I was hooked. I had brought friends, and last year the same group of us went to a screening in the Bay Area. We had an amazing time and I even won the cosplay contest! This event has become our little “Family” thing, and I knew I wanted to help make it happen in OC again.

Working with Dawn is awesome because she has so much experience- really, she’s done all the hard work, like booking the location, designing the flyers, etc. And I know she’s incredibly busy herself, so I feel like we’re really lucky to have her back, doing this screening again.

The thing I love about being a Browncoat, and the Can’t Stop The Serenity screenings in particular, is that we’ve taken something as kooky as an obsession with a cancelled tv show and it’s movie sequel into a real power for good. I feel so honored to be a part of that.”

Dawn finishes by adding “A BIG Browncoat thank you to the California Browncoats for partnering with us to provide tremendous support for CSTS-OC. We would also like to thank AMC Theatres (the new owner of the theater) for their generous support of our event. We would love it if you would help spread the word about this shindig. We don’t want any Browncoats left out! Send an email or smoke signals, post a flyer, share a tweet – it all helps us doin’ good works!”

All the money raised from this fun afternoon will go to Equality Now and if you can’t attend, but would like to support their cause, you may also make a donation at their ticket page.”

Tickets are on sale now through Brown Paper Tickets and are $15 in advance, $16 at the event.

You can follow The Orange County Browncoats on

Instagram (cstsorangecounty)
Twitter (@CSTS_OC)

Or the California Browncoats on Twitter (@CABrowncoats).

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