Con Man Goodies in eBay Auction

The auction is here.

Lots of people have seen Season One of Con Man but have you seen the extras? The Con Man DVD is full of them and that particular auction lot is worth winning for it along. But it also has a poster signed by Alan Tudyk and a Spectrum poster featuring James Raaker & Cash Wayne aka Jack Moore and Wray Nerely aka Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk. (Are you confused yet?)

Another Con Man collection includes Con Man Trading cards and a character sheet from Spectrum as well as a signed copy of PJ Haarsma’s SoftWire


But maybe you want to stick with Firefly. In that case, may we draw your attention to the Kaylee collection? The messenger bag is sturdy and matches the overalls that Kaylee wears on the accompanying action figure. Just as impressive is the bead necklace which is the same as the one that hangs around the neck of the action figure, which is based on a famous promotional picture of Jewel Staite.

It is a great combo. Practical and pretty like Kaylee.


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