About CSTS

Can’t Stop the Serenity is here to support Equality Now. Since 2006, we have raised $1,095,000+ for Equality Now and other charities. Organized entirely by volunteers, Can’t Stop the Serenity is a unique opportunity to indulge your geeky side while doing some good.

Once a year, we join together around the globe and host charity screenings of Serenity as well as many other festive events. We raise money to give to Equality Now and other worthy causes. Basically, we convene to watch a movie. Not a bad way to support charity, huh?

Yet, we’re not just about raising money – it’s more than that. It is true that we give aid to Equality Now and an ever growing number of charities. However, we also gather together in Browncoat fellowship to keep the signal strong for Firefly, Serenity and of course, for Joss Whedon and his ever growing body of work.

We share the ideal that people should “aim to misbehave,” if it absolutely means doing the right thing. We hold true that anyone can make a difference, and no effort is insignificant. Further we believe that a government shouldn’t destroy the rights of its citizens, regardless of sex. Basically, we watch our shows, support our causes and allow our voices to be heard because we live in countries which allow us to do so. But we realise that there are other people out there who can not do what we can do.

And that is what we do – we aim to do good works.

Joss Whedon is known for writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dollhouse for television. When Firefly was prematurely canceled, fans of the show sprang into action to get the series back on. Along the way, we discovered another worthwhile cause: Equality Now. They support women’s rights around the world, working for (you guessed it) equality. Serenity and Equality Now; two great ideas coming together to create Can’t Stop the Serenity.

Why are we here?

The answer to this question varies. Many of us participate in CSTS events and other Browncoat related activities for a number of reasons. We join together to make a difference in the world because we’ve been rallied by Joss’s words to do something, anything. We meet up so that we can share our love of the Serenity/Firefly/Whedonverse, and because we are like-minded folk who want to share other aspects of our lives with our fellow Browncoats. These are just a few of the reasons we come together in this fellowship.

And they are all, very good reasons.

The main focus of Can’t Stop the Serenity has always been to help Equality Now keep the signal going. EN seeks to let the voices of abused women the world over, cry out and be heard. Humanity can listen and come together, seeking to end all suffering and abuse – one voice at a time.

Sadly, there are many cases we never hear about. Some make the news but with so many stories, only a few actually “make the puppet theater.” Meanwhile, how many never reach the ears of the media? We can’t do much about those for now, but we can help spread the word on others.

We can put a face on the cause.

Because it’s not about words on a page, it’s about our sisters in need. The cause is about fellow human beings – mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and godmothers to name but a few.

So for as long as we can, we are going to share with you these very important stories. We would ask that you make time to read them, and then to pass them along to your friends and family. In fact, pass them on to anyone you know – it’s just that important.

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We’re Proud to Support Equality Now

All of us at Equality Now continue to be amazed by and grateful for the Browncoats’ and Serenity fans’ generous and committed support for our work. Their energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and these screenings are coming at a critical time when we are especially in need of funds! We thank each and every one of them and Happy Birthday to Joss!
– Amanda Sullivan, Equality Now

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So take a look around our shiny website. Join up and lend a helping hand in the best way you know how. We (Browncoats and fans alike) appreciate it. Joss appreciates it. Most of all, Equality Now and the countless women’s voices striving to obtain equality appreciate it.