Global Team

The Can’t Stop the Serenity Global Team help local organizers run successful fundraising events by coordinating and facilitating things at a global level. The team consists of volunteers who generously offer their time, skills and energy.

The 2012 Global Team is gearing up to bring you a fantastic year of events!

2012 Global Event Coordinator – William Pace

2012 Operations Team

Donations Administrator – William Pace
Sponsorship Coordinator – William Pace
Event Registrar – Jacqueline Lacina
T-shirt Coordinators – Ty Coleman (US produced apparel), Simon Forster (UK produced apparel)
Patch Coordinator – William Pace

2012 Communications Team

Communications Director – Sheilah O’Connor
Twitter Ops – Julia Svaganovic
Art Director – Phil Towle
Audio & Video Coordinator – Liam Merrick
Shepherd – Sheilah O’Connor
Webmaster – Jacqueline Lacina

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Past Global Event Coordinators

2011 – William Pace
2010 – Christine Mooney
2009 – Anne Barringer
2008 – Beth Nelson
2007 – Devin Pike
2006 – The One True B!x (Founder)