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Melbourne, Victoria Jul 10-16 2017  'Serenity' Film Screening Event

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Harrogate, UK16 Sept. 2017  'Serenity' Film Screening Event

United States United States

Arcata, CASeptember 10, 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Denver, CO – Sep 23 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Lexington, KYSep 13 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Milwaukee, WISep 9, 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Philadelphia, PA
    June 4 2017   CSTS Affiliate Event  Event Over, Waiting for Results 
    June 24 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event   local_activity schedule place group
Salt Lake City, UT
    Jun 10 2017   'Serenity' Film Screening Event  Donation confirmed by Charities  $4,800
    Sept. 23, 2017   CSTS Affiliate Event

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Christchurch, CNZ – TBD  'Serenity' Film Screening Event

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United States United States

Arlington, VA – Oct. 21, 2017  'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Las Vegas, NVOct. 21, 2017  'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Orange County, CA – Sep 17 2017  'Serenity' Film Screening Event
Simi Valley, CA – Aug. 19, 2017  CSTS Affiliate Event

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