Your Words: Interview with Stephanie, CSTS Supporter

This week's CSTS Supporter interview comes from Stephanie...

1. When was your first CSTS? This year. The four people nearest me were all first years also. Watch, there will be many more next year. New Browncoats are being born every day. Many that I have talked to did not hear about CSTS in time to go to their closest one this year.

2. How many times have you seen Serenity? 5, I own it on DVD. I only discovered it last year.

3. Who's your favorite Firefly character and why? Malcolm Reynolds. He is MY Captain. An honorable man, loyal, independent, brave, oh and sexy! I would follow him anywhere.

4. What does being a Browncoat mean to you? Browncoats are good people. Big hearts, loyal. We share a passion, a dream, a love for a crew of misfits that fit together and make Serenity a home.

5. Why do you support CSTS and Equality Now? A noble cause. Browncoats support many noble causes. They gather and do good. Obviously we also wish to honor Joss Whedon for the gift he has given us. He makes it clear that it is important to him. I have quoted him before, "People ask me why do you do this? I ask them why aren't YOU."

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stephanie - Equality Now is definitely a noble cause, and we're so glad you're travelling on this journey with us all.

If you’d like to share your responses to these questions, just email them to!

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The auctions have begun!

Our Global Auctions for Equality Now have begun! This is your chance to get your hands on some amazing Whedonverse collectables and more, while helping a wonderful cause.

Among the over 30 auction lots are an incredible Evil Willow print and a gorgeous Willow entwined print, each signed by Joss Whedon, Jo Chen & Alison Hannigan.

The auctions are now live, and will end on 5 November 2011.

Click here to go to the auctions.

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We’re having an auction! Starting 26 October!

As the CSTS 2011 season comes to a close, we've got one last piece of awesome to share with you. Thanks to a whole host of fantastic Browncoats, we're excited to announce the 2011 Can't Stop the Serenity Global Auction! Here's a sneak peek at some of the items up for grabs...

  • Screen-used Reaver Throwing Razor ball weapon - This is an actual prop from the filming of Serenity, and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Prop Store of London
  • MF-813 Flying Mule Studio Scale Replica from QMX - thisis an exact studio-scale replica of the Flying Mule as seen in the movie Serenity. Measuring 14.5" x 10.75" x 4.5", the Mule is a highly-detailed model, hand painted to match the movie vehicle right down to the emblems and decals, and is part of a limited edition of 1000.
  • Jayne Cobb Pin-up Girl Quilt - If Jayne's mom sewed, this is surely the quilt she'd make for him! Twelve pin-up girls float above a starry sky in this quilt: a space babe, Sheena with a big knife that Jayne would love, a girl on a motorcycle, and others, none exactly alike.
  • Autographed program from CSTS Los Angeles signed by Adam Baldwin (Jayne), Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and Melinda Clarke (Nandi).
  • Signed Alliance Bank Note - This officially licensed Serenity Alliance bank note has been signed by Ron Glass (Shepherd Book), Jonathan Woodward (Tracy), Nectar Rose (Lenore, the love bot), Sonny Rhodes (singer of the Firefly theme song) and Michael Fairman (Niska).
And that's just a small taste of the huge range of items generously donated by Can't Stop the Serenity supporters! The auctions will begin on Wednesday 26 October, and end on Saturday 5 November, and are proudly hosted by Fanporium Auctions. Proceeds will be donated to Equality Now.

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We want your vote on next year’s artwork!

We sent the signal out and a few of the brave and bold with their brilliant artistical skillz took up the gauntlet (and their palettes) to create the promotional art for next year’s events. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry (or two!) to the 2012 Can’t Stop The Serenity Art Contest.

We know it’s going to be a challenge, but we need you, the good folk of the ‘Verse, to help us choose which one will become the official artwork for Can’t Stop the Serenity 2012!

You can only vote once and you’ve only got until 1 November 2011 at 11:59 PM PST to get your voice heard and your vote counted.

To have your say, all you need to do is click here to see the great designs and cast your vote!

So vote and then tell your friends to spread the word and come help us choose the best of the best to represent Can't Stop the Serenity in 2012.

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Your Words: Interview with Allison, CSTS Supporter

Every two weeks we're sharing responses to our CSTS Supporter interviews. This week, we're delighted to share our interview with Allison from Bradenton, Florida:

1. When was your first CSTS? Unfortunately I have not gotten to go to one yet. The first time I heard about it was this year and was so excited to go down to Ft. Lauderdale (about 3.5 hours away- but the closest one to me) this year until the dates were posted and I found out it conflicted with a 76 year tradition in my family..... so I'm hoping next year I will be able to attend my first CSTS event :)

2. How many times have you seen Serenity? Um- a lot. I own the DVD of Serenity and the DVD's of Firefly. I've never seen it in a theater though.

3. Who's your favorite Firefly character and why? Thats a hard one. I like them all and all for different reasons. I like Kaylee's cheerfulness. I like Jayne's ability to see things in one dimension. I like Mal's sense of command. I like Zoey's loyalty..... I like Wash's sense of lightening a situation when its needs it.... Inara's centering. That's probably not helpful to you- so I'll just stop there.

4. What does being a Browncoat mean to you? I like finding people who are browncoats because they always have something interesting to say. It's nice to be able to connect with a stranger over the concept of Jayne's hat. (happened to me today at the local farmer's market b/c I was wearing a Browncoat shirt.)

5. Why do you support CSTS and Equality Now? I don't yet. I guess I won't be until I get to go to an event??

Thanks Allison! There are lots of ways you can support Equality Now and CSTS before you get to an event. Even something as simple as following Equality Now on Twitter or joining the Women's Action Network can make a huge difference!

If you’d like to share your responses to these questions, just email them to!

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Last Chance! Art Contest closes at midnight tonight!

The CSTS 2012 Art Contest ends tonight, so make sure you get your entries in! Click here for the full contest details, and make sure your entry is received by midnight!

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