A Wee Scottish Shindig

We’re so pleased Edinburgh is returning to Can’t Stop the Serenity for the first time since 2007!

They’re warming up with a traditional pub quiz on Friday 5th June before their screening event in August. Entry to the pub quiz is a mere £2 and the grand prize is 2 tickets to the main shindig. There will also be some shiny merch for sale so don’t forget to bring some cash.

So brush up on your sci fi trivia, grab some mates and head down to the Southsider this Friday at

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Memories of Your First Can’t Stop the Serenity

In celebrating our tenth year, we’ll be looking back at some of our history. And what better to follow our facts post than talking about people’s first Can’t Stop the Serenity, whether it was in 2006 or just last year.

Our Global Event Coordinator Sheilah reminisces about her first one: "In 2006, I decided that Toronto would be part of the new Serenity Now/Equality Now events that were going to happen in June. The previous August we had run a Fan table at a local con promoting Serenity and I knew that there were lots of local Toronto Browncoats who would be glad to help ou

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A Trivia Night Far, Far Away

This week we break atmo on the other side of the world in Perth, Australia with a Sci Fi Quiz Night Affiliate event on 21st May.

Gather your favourite sci fi fans and form a team or be assigned to a team and meet new Browncoats. Don’t forget to dress up as prizes are being awarded best costume and quiz winners! Thanks to local sponsors White Dwarf Books, Comiczone, Game City and PokéPerth there’ll also be lots of shiny up for grabs in raffles and an auction.

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So It Begins

The start of the 10th Can’t Stop the Serenity season is here, and what a way to kick it off!

The honour of the first event of 2015 goes to Salt Lake City, this Saturday 16th May which is already sold out! The event at Brewvies Cinema Pub (brilliant concept, why are there not more cinema pubs??) features a screening of Serenity, trivia, a costume contest and auction.

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Big Damn Sponsors!

Our global sponsors are awesome.

They make events shinier by providing prizes, help us raise more money by donating amazing items for our end of season auction and keep us online.

We’re so pleased to welcome back some long time sponsors and excited some new ones have come on board. The one thing they all have in common? Their love for Firefly and desire to do good works.

This year’s sponsors have been very generous, check them out because your support thanks them for sponsoring us.

Sponsor packs One way our events increase their fundraisi

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A Short History of Can’t Stop the Serenity

Keeping flying for 10 years is no mean feat for any event, but it is a real achievement when every single person involved volunteers their time and resources for free.

To celebrate our tenth season we want to highlight some of our history. While many of you have known about us for a while now, one of the greatest things about Firefly is new Browncoats are discovering the series, and in turn us, all the time.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Can’t Stop the Serenity.

It all began with one man’s idea. The One True b!X wanted to celebrate Jos

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