Events this weekend, July 14th & 15th

The Albuquerque Browncoats have decided that one screening of Serenity is just not enough! So they are holding 2, one on Saturday July 14th and one on the 15th.

There's a special discount if you buy a tickets to both and you get sumthin' extra if you show up in costume.

Each screening will also have a raffle & you just know they are giving away some good stuff.

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Why Jane Espenson supports CSTS

We have been asking our sponsors why they support Can't Stop the Serenity. This is writer/producer Jane Espenson's answer:

I support Can't Stop the Serenity because they've taken something that was made with a generous heart, and magnified that generosity a thousand times over.

Jane Espenson Husbands

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Lawrence KS and Philadelphia PA have screenings this weekend

Philadelphia is packing in loads of merriment with live music courtesy Sean Faust, Sci-Fi trivia with a surprise twist and a Special Hell screening of Serenity. You are not only allowed to talk at the theatre, you will be encouraged to.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is back for the 2nd time this month.You can double your fun with a screening of both Serenity and Dr. Horrible. There will also be a raffle with some awesome prizes.

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Exclusive Joss Whedon designed and signed Equality Now T-Shirt

Many will recognize this Tshirt as one that Joss has frequently worn. Now he has made the design available for a very brief time. Equality Now UK has put 5 up for auction on eBay UK. One each in sizes small to extra large.

As an added bonus, they are signed by Joss

This ships only to the UK and the auction is over in 16 hours - that's about 8:00 p.m. GMT, June 23, 2012.



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Nine Screenings This Weekend!

Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!

To Celebrate Joss' birthday we have 9 Screening events going on this weekend in three countries.

Saturday, June 23 starts off in Gateshead, U.K. at 10 a.m. with Serenity, an auction and an awesome sale of film posters including Cabin in the Woods and Avengers Assemble before everyone heads to a shindig for more fun including a tough Whedonverse quiz!

Gloucester, UK's screening is special as they have a couple of speakers from Equality Now. This is Equality Now's 20th Anniversary so their talk is sure to be interesting! Dr. Horrible is also showing, there is a silent auction and they expect to set up a live link with another CSTS city.

Both UK events will have themed cupcakes!

Across the pond in Canada, Toronto opens their doors at noon. Their Serenity screening is followed by what is always a loud and lively auction with some unique items including a set of nesting dolls that have to be seen to be believed. A shindig rounds out the day.

Down in Norfolk, VA, the Tidewater Browncoats have lots planned in a very short time including Fan Favorite Mikey Mason. Can they squeeze Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Mikey, & some sales all into 4 hours? Go see!

Zipping north of the border, Edmonton starts their event at noon. Their event includes an evil laugh contest, costume contest, Serenity, Dr. Horrible, live auction, and silent auction. This year, the theatre they are renting is offering discounted tickets for CSTS attendees to see Comic Con IV: A Fan's Hope which is showing following the CSTS event.

New York City is offering a screening of Serenity along with a dinner/dance, auction, door prizes and costume contest at the Jing Fong Restaurant in Chinatown. Ticket Sales end on June 21st @ 5PM & will not be available at the door.

The day ends and the new day begins in Boston with the 7th annual midnight showing of Serenity at the Coolidge Theater. Brush up on your trivia. There will be questions!

June 24th has two screenings. Glastonbury, U.K. is showing both Serenity and Dr. Horrible. The CSTS event is part of a larger film festival.

The weekend is bookended at the birthplace of Can't Stop The Serenity. The Portland Oregon Browncoats have a Guild Marathon on Friday June 22nd and the Serenity event on Sunday which includes a special showing of Out of Gas.

If you go to any of these events, let us know how everything went on our forums, & if you didn't, check back to see what else is going on with CSTS.

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This Weekend’s Event: Charleston, SC

Charleston is having its first Can't Stop The Serenity Event and it promises to be a good one.
Besides the Big Damn Movie, Charleston will have raffles, trivia and a costume contest.

Local artists, restaurants and shops have donated items for the silent auction.

So bring your cashy money and head over on Sunday July 17th. Details at the website.

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