First memories of Firefly – Part II

Here are a couple more of the entries we had when we ran a contest in March. We asked people what their first memory of Firefly was.

Anna wrote:

If you want to be technical, It was a Saturday morning, a long time ago. I was watching cartoons, and an ad came on. There was a girl, fighting, guns. Serenity, the movie was called. I thought that was weird. Then my show came back on, and I forgot all about it.

It was years later that I first heard of Firefly, sitting in a religion class, before school started. A classmate quoted something, and the teacher laughed. The classmate, a boy named Kory, was knitting something, a hat. Red and gold, orange. My teacher called it a "Jane" hat, whatever that was. I was confused. They said, "Watch Firefly." But I didn't.

The next year in my math class, a girl saw my ring, the one that said "Serenity". "Like Firefly?" she asked. "I'm Ceilidh!" (pronounced Kay-lee) I was confused. She told me to watch Firefly. But I didn't.

The next year, my friend Jenna told a story about a dream she'd had. It was about cowboys in space, and someone named Mal, but Jenna was sad because someone else- Nara? wasn't there, so there was no cute UST. Whatever that was. I was confused. She told me to watch Firefly. But I didn't.

That summer, my cousin, my older, crazy-awesome fantasy loving cousin was talking. She quoted something. I knew the quote. Said it back to her. "Firefly?" she asked. "Uh, sort of. I haven't.." but she cut me off. "You haven't seen it? No. I'm sorry. We can't be related until you watch this." She handed me the box set. "Well," I thought, "I might as well. I guess I should. Mike likes it. And Bishop and Ceilidh and Jenna. And I don't want Katy to shun me. Looks fun. Might as well. At least I'll know what all the fuss is about".

I got home. Put in the first disk. Forgot Breakfast. Next disk.Forgot Lunch. Next disk. Sitting on the red couch, mouth open, I loved it. How had I waited so long? Why had I waited so long? I had to keep watching. So I did.

Ben wrote:
My brother came over for a visit one day and told me about this amazing television show called 'Firefly' that he had on DVD. He had said the same thing about many shows in the past, none of which had really captured me, but I decided to humor him and give this most recent show of his a chance. I was even more skeptical of this show after he told me that he wasn't going to show me the pilot episode first, but instead he wanted to show me the one that was aired first. Nonetheless, I watched Captain Reynolds and his crew in 'The Train Job' and after the episode was over I could only say one thing to my brother: "More."
What was your first memory of Firefly?

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Equality Now 20th Anniversary Auction On Now

For the next 2 1/2 weeks, an auction is being held online for Equality Now. Mutant Enemy, aka Joss Whedon, has donated some great items to the auction.

Want to have dinner with Joss in London or LA? Bid on it. The LA dinner comes with a signed Buffy crew sweatshirt. Maybe you'd like to go with three friends to the New York premiere of The Avengers. That auction is over April 20th as the premiere is April 28th.

Today a slate from the Avengers, signed by the cast, was added. Or if you want to freak out guests to your home, you will want the Alien Egg prop from Alien Resurrection.

There are a lot of other great items there too. Breakfast with Tom Brokaw or meet designer Nicole Miller at her showroom in New York City! Tickets to see Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl and a fabulous spa package for 2 in North Carolina.

All money raised goes to Equality Now and the important work they are doing. Want to know more about what your money supports? Watch our latest video from EN: Adolescent Girls Legal Defence Fund

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First Memories of Firefly – Part I

Here are a couple of entries to the contest we ran in March asking people what their first memory of Firefly was.

First, from Randy of North Carolina:

I was a church pastor trying to decide which movie our youth group should see. The other counselor said, “Take the kids to Serenity, it is like Star Trek.” That was good enough for me, so we went to see this unknown movie. The memory stuck with me and I really liked the movie. About 6 months or so later I was at Best Buy looking at DVD covers. There was Serenity! I bought it and watched it at home. Looking at the special features was the first time I heard of Firefly the series. I immediately found it and bought it. I have been deeply in love ever since. I am so glad to be with people keeping this alive. This story and the characters are really wonderful! It has related to my life in so many ways. When Mal feels it is a success because Firefly is still flying that speaks volumes to me.

Tanya from Wisconsin:

I saw Serenity first, so my first memory of Firefly was seeing Wash and knowing in every episode that I saw, that he would eventually die. :'(

But I remember that the music was so beautiful and it was what really captured my interest. I liked sci-fi things like Star Wars but hadn't really branched far beyond that. Firefly made me a true fan of sci-fi as well as show that are simply amazing.

The casting was also masterfully done. Jayne was perfect. I mean absolutely perfect. He was so one dimensional, but only because that was what Jayne was. But in Jaynestown, he really showed who Jayne was. Adam Baldwin was able to show the original Jayne (before joining the crew) and the person he had become. "And the stories!"

What are some of your first memories of Firefly?

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And the Winner of the Firefly 10th Anniversary Contest is….

On March 5, we launched the first of our Firefly 10th Anniversary contests, asking you to share your first memories of Firefly. We're pleased to announce that the winner is Lauren, from Chicago IL. Congratulations Laurenon your winning entry. Thanks to the generosity of the New Melbourne Browncoats, she has won a copy of Firefly:The Official Companion, Vol I.

My first memory of Firefly...

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica,etc. etc.... but honestly, I started watching Firefly to impress a guy. He was a dreamy Nathan Fillion lookalike, and I knew he was into the series. I really wanted us to have something to talk about.

I didn't expect to love Firefly, but I did.

I annihilated the entire series in about a week, some eps multiple times. Shiny, shiny goodness! One day, I went up to this guy, and nervously spouted,"Last night, I saw 3 Fireflies!!" ... He thought I meant actual lightning bugs. He had no idea what I was talking about.

Well, the story ends with us dating. His name is Clayton. We cosplay together, him as Mal and me as Saffron or River. We're moving in together in June, and MCing Chicago's Can't Stop the Serenity this September.

I'll support CSTS from now on, not only because the series and the charity ROCK, but because it brought us together.

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Equality Now 20th Anniversary Event

On Thursday, April 19, Equality Now is celebrating 20 years of advocacy and action with a performance and reception in New York City.

EN is putting together an intimate evening that will feature celebrity performers and a performance by talented singer songwriter Natalie Merchant.
The co-chairs of the event are Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Meryl Streep and Joss Whedon.

Would you like to be among that illustrious company? Tickets are now on sale! Details available at

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Announcing our first Firefly 10th Anniversary Contest!

March 5, 2002 was the first day of filming for Firefly. Ten years later, CSTS is celebrating! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we're having a contest. Tell us, in at least 100 words, what your first memory of Firefly is.

Send your entry to and a randomly selected entry will win a copy of Firefly: The Official Companion Vol.1 .

Be sure to include your name (real or online), an email address where you can be reached and where you are from. All entries may be published, the winning one will certainly be!

Deadline March 15th, 2012.

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