Moving into October

The last month of the 2014 Can't Stop The Serenity season sees some exciting events happening. This weekend there are 3 very different types of Serenity Screenings.

First up is London, England. All the online tickets are sold out but at time of writing there are still a few left for sale at the door. The day starts at 4:00 and there will be showings of Dr. Horrible, Serenity & some Firefly inspired music videos. A silent auction

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Seven Events in Three Countries

The shiny just keeps on happening! This weekend there are events in Australia, Canada and the United States.

First up is Nowra, Australia holding their third CSTS screening. If you have been following the posts on their Facebook page, you'll know they have an exciting evening planned with all sorts of amazing prizes. As well as Serenity there will be Dr. Horrible's Singalog blog, a Costume contest, an auction and door prizes.

After a great success showing Serenity

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Hopping Across the Countries Coast to Coast

Another busy CSTS weekend with 6 events in 2 days.

Halifax is back with 2 back to back screenings of Serenity, as well as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a silent auction, merchandise for sale, trivia contest and door prizes. Come in costume and be immortalized by their very talented photographer! There will even be a Hero of Canton sing-along. Halifax is known for getting unusual auction items such as the Kaylee Special. (It runs on batteries);-). They will have a wide assortment of unique

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Four very Different Events

The weekend of Sept. 13-14 sees a wide assortment of CSTS events. Montreal is back with its first event since 2006 and it promises to be worth the wait! It is happening within Montreal Comic-Con so if you weren't going to attend, you might want to think again! Continue Reading...

From Rhode Island to Utah

It's been a long time since Rhode Island had their very own Can't Stop The Serenity Screening, so be sure not to miss it on Saturday Sept. 6th! It's being held in the Columbus Theatre, an historic Opera House in Providence. Just imagine how great people cosplaying Captain Tightpants and Kaylee in her dress will look in a setting like that! Besides showing Serenity, the RI Sci-Fi Club will also be hosting a food drive - bringing food items gets you a free raffle ticket! And what a raffle! Prizes will even include something signed by Joss Whe

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Why Can’t Stop the Serenity, Part V

(Moon, who has been running Denver's CSTS since the beginning tells us why.)

I've been asked many times over the last nine years, why I organize the Denver CSTS screenings. My stock answer is something along the lines of, "I'm a Browncoat," "It's for Joss' birthday," or "Equality Now is a wonderful charity that fights for the rights of women and girls all over the world!" While these statements are true and I always say them with a smile, it's only part of the story that drives me to continue working with CSTS and Equality Now. Perso

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