Why JL Hilton Supports CSTS

I organized the first Raleigh screening in 2006, because I loved Firefly. I loved it with all my heart and soul, in a way I'd never loved any TV show before. At the time, I didn't expect to raise money for Equality Now. I expected to pay hundreds of dollars for the venue rental and movie rights out of my own pocket, to sit in a theater with maybe twelve other people and watch Serenity on the big damn screen again.

Instead, the 200-seat theater sold out. We had a costume contest, and several people actually showed up in costume. People bought raffle tickets. A donation was made to Equality Now. And I made new friends who have become like family.

Over the years, I learned more about Equality Now, and I found out about Kids Need to Read. While I love the work of these two organizations, and while I am proud to say that Raleigh has raised more than $21,500.00 for EN and $2,800.00 for KNTR (so far), the reason I keep coming back to this, year after year, is that family I mentioned.

I've been involved in a lot of clubs, groups, fandoms and events in my life. But I've never known as many generous, enthusiastic, resourceful, hard-working, intelligent and wonderful people as the Browncoats I've met doing Can't Stop the Serenity.

Love keeps this thing flying, and love is why I'm here.



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Can’t Stop The Serenity Starts this Weekend!

Pull on your Jayne hat, and grab your brown coat because Can't Stop the Serenity is officially ON! This weekend sees events kick off in three countries.

  • Friday, June 8 will see an Affiliate event in Lawrence, KS. It will be live streamed so that we can all watch the fun.
  • Saturday, June 9th is the first full Serenity screening in Vancouver, BC with both a silent and live auction and a costume contest with a twist. Vancouver has at least one item in their auction that you will not be able to get anywhere else.
  • Finally, on Sunday, Nottingham, UK will also be showing Serenity. They'll have a raffle and then do what we do best - have a shindig! (and show Dr. Horrible.) (and a bbq!)
Tickets may still be available for these events. So if you're in the area, make sure you join us. It'll be a great start to a summer of awesomeness!

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A Word from our Sponsors: Why We Support CSTS

This is the first in a series from our sponsors. We asked them why, year after year, they support Can't Stop the Serenity & Equality Now. First up, one of our Lifetime Sponsors, Andy Gore, CEO of Quantum Mechanix: "We all got on this boat for the same reason: To make awesome stuff for the greatest TV show ever and to serve the community of Browncoats (to which we belong). Some folks said we were crazy to put all that love into a show that only lived half a season. But we didn't listen, because miracles happen only when you push ahead against the odds. And maybe only when you're crazy. But gorammit, if it didn't work. So here we are, seven years later, still honoring Firefly the best way we can and loving every minute of it. Supporting CSTS is another way we serve the Browncoat community. It's important. It's a cause we believe in. And it's one we're proud to help." Thanks QMx for continuing to support Can't Stop the Serenity.    

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Equality Now’s “When I Speak”

When I Speak was performed at Equality Now's 20th Anniversary Celebration. It was written by Joss Whedon and performed by three young women who embody just one of the many struggles women and girls face everyday in countries around the world. It is a stark and moving reminder of why Can't Stop The Serenity supports Equality Now.

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Hollywood Reporter on Joss, the Whedonverse and CSTS

The Hollywood Reporter has put together a great piece on Joss Whedon - Exploring the Whedonverse: Inside the Cult Hero Fame of 'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon. With Joss currently in the headlines for the amazing success of The Avengers, there are no shortage of articles celebrating his career - but not many take the time to also look at what his fans do to celebrate him and his creations. In addition to the many mentions of how Joss's fans have been vocal in their support and passionate in their enthusiasm, THR has kindly recognised the efforts of Browncoats to support Equality Now through Can't Stop the Serenity. Thanks THR!

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First memories of Firefly – Part II

Here are a couple more of the entries we had when we ran a contest in March. We asked people what their first memory of Firefly was.

Anna wrote:

If you want to be technical, It was a Saturday morning, a long time ago. I was watching cartoons, and an ad came on. There was a girl, fighting, guns. Serenity, the movie was called. I thought that was weird. Then my show came back on, and I forgot all about it.

It was years later that I first heard of Firefly, sitting in a religion class, before school started. A classmate quoted something, and the teacher laughed. The classmate, a boy named Kory, was knitting something, a hat. Red and gold, orange. My teacher called it a "Jane" hat, whatever that was. I was confused. They said, "Watch Firefly." But I didn't.

The next year in my math class, a girl saw my ring, the one that said "Serenity". "Like Firefly?" she asked. "I'm Ceilidh!" (pronounced Kay-lee) I was confused. She told me to watch Firefly. But I didn't.

The next year, my friend Jenna told a story about a dream she'd had. It was about cowboys in space, and someone named Mal, but Jenna was sad because someone else- Nara? wasn't there, so there was no cute UST. Whatever that was. I was confused. She told me to watch Firefly. But I didn't.

That summer, my cousin, my older, crazy-awesome fantasy loving cousin was talking. She quoted something. I knew the quote. Said it back to her. "Firefly?" she asked. "Uh, sort of. I haven't.." but she cut me off. "You haven't seen it? No. I'm sorry. We can't be related until you watch this." She handed me the box set. "Well," I thought, "I might as well. I guess I should. Mike likes it. And Bishop and Ceilidh and Jenna. And I don't want Katy to shun me. Looks fun. Might as well. At least I'll know what all the fuss is about".

I got home. Put in the first disk. Forgot Breakfast. Next disk.Forgot Lunch. Next disk. Sitting on the red couch, mouth open, I loved it. How had I waited so long? Why had I waited so long? I had to keep watching. So I did.

Ben wrote:
My brother came over for a visit one day and told me about this amazing television show called 'Firefly' that he had on DVD. He had said the same thing about many shows in the past, none of which had really captured me, but I decided to humor him and give this most recent show of his a chance. I was even more skeptical of this show after he told me that he wasn't going to show me the pilot episode first, but instead he wanted to show me the one that was aired first. Nonetheless, I watched Captain Reynolds and his crew in 'The Train Job' and after the episode was over I could only say one thing to my brother: "More."
What was your first memory of Firefly?

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