Perth Sells Out

Perth S-F fans are keen! Despite getting a venue that is twice the size as last year's, the Perth CSTS Affiliate event for May 15 sold out well before it is scheduled to run.

Those lucky enough to get a ticket are in for a treat. It is a Sci-Fi quiz night with loads of great prizes from local sponsors and a heap of swag including an item signed by Jewel Staite.
There is an auction and raffles to add to the fun.

We're looking forward to hearing some of the quiz questions

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The First Affiliate Event of the Season

There are many ways to run a Can't Stop The Serenity events and over the last 9 years, we've seen a lot of them.

But this one is new!

A new festival, honoring web series has started up in Toronto Canada.
Called Toronto Webfest, it is 3 days of screenings, panels and other events. And what better way to celebrate a new festival that by showing one of the first major webseries?

On Friday May 9th at 10:00 p.m. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-Blog wil

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Why “Can’t Stop the Serenity?” Part II

In Sept, 2013, birdandbear wrote about the North Texas screening but she speaks for all of us. Thanks to her for giving us permission to reprint this from their website.

Wanna hear something as mind-blowing as it is inspirational as it is humbling?

2013 marked the eighth annual CSTS event season. In that time North Texas Browncoats have raised more than $41,000.00, and the global events have raised over $840,000.00 for Equality Now and other charities. If the global events don't break $1,000,000 next year, th

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The First Event of the Season – in South Wales!

It is always a great moment when CSTS starts up for the year. This year it is doubly exciting because it is a new event.

The Valley Browncoats in Wales are having a screening on April 14th. It's being held in Blackwood and it promises to be great. It is, of course, Easter Break and so this is an event for the whole family to begin with. For kids of all ages there are activities like Mask painting while the older ones can try out the new Serenity Board Game.

Firefly themed food w

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Why ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’?

Last May Vancouver Organizer Samatwitch wrote about why Vancouver holds CSTS events each year. Thanks to her for giving us permission to reprint this from their website.

Why do we do this? Why do organisers spend so much time and money for each event? Why do people volunteer, paying for their own tickets to do so? Why do Browncoats - and others - keep coming out to CSTS events?

Partly of course, because the events are fun. Each city is different and has ideas and plans that work for them. A lot of peo

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Have your say on the 2014 shirt design!

We would love to have your feedback on the logo placement for CSTS 2014 Unisex and Womens shirts. There will be only one design available for the Unisex and one for the Women's, and you can vote on both. The most popular option for each wins! This year's shirts will be light grey with printing on one side only.

The options are:

  • Large size in centre of shirt (on front)
  • Small size in centre of shirt (on front)
  • Small size on left hand side of shirt (on front)
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