See Serenity Aug 8 ,9, 10 or 11th.

Chelmsford, UK is new to CSTS but you'd never know it by all they have on offer on Aug. 8th. They are showing Serenity & Dr. Horrible, running a Fancy Dress competition, and running a raffle. Food includes themed cupcakes and cocktails.

Pittsburgh is not only showing Serenity, they're playing games and attendees can win raffle tickets playing those games! They have incredible prizes including artwork, handmade crafts, & unique themed items. All this and more on Aug. 11th.

Minneapolis has been running CSTS events for all 7 years and they haven't slowed down! This year they are showing Serenity 3 different nights, each accompanied by a different movie such as Dr. Horrible or the Guild.
For a detailed schedule, head over to their website.

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Four Events. Three Countries.

Australia, Canada and the United States are all holding CSTS Screenings this weekend and not one event is the same! The Browncoats of Shoalhaven, NSW, Australia are running their very first event. They will have a raffle, prizes for Best Dressed and will show Dr. Horrible as well as Serenity. The excitement is running high for this August 3rd screening! The San Francisco,U.S. Browncoats have been running CSTS events since the beginning. Now in their 7th Year, they are rightfully proud of their new venue, the Delancy St. Screening Room. Among its many charms are the ergonomic chairs! The SF events will feature Dr. Horrible as well as Serenity. Don't forget your Jayne Hat - there will be a Jayne Hat mob photo! Grande Prairie, AB, Canada is another new member of the CSTS family. The 28 Fighting Swans will have a Silent Auction, Trivia Contest, Door Prizes and show Browncoats: Redemption. The highlight will, of course, be Serenity! Whedonites United in Scottsville, KY, U.S,serves up 3 days of excitement centering around Joss Whedon's works. There are games based on The Avengers, Dollhouse, Buffy and more. There will be trivia and the ever popular paintball recreation of the Battle of Serenity Valley. The auction this year includes a genuine slayer scythe! The centerpiece as always, will be the screening of Serenity. Last we heard, tickets are still available for all these events but they may not last long. Get yours today.

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A Busy CSTS Weekend

It's a busy weekend July 27 - 29 with multiple events happening.

Perth starts it off with a CSTS Shindig that promises much merriment and a costume contest and probably a drink or two.

Staying in Australia, there is another Affilate event by the New Melbourne Browncoats. They are showing Season 3 of The Guild on Saturday, July 28th. Everyone is welcome to head out for dinner afterwards.

Also on Saturday, the Rocky Mountain Browncoats are back for another year. There will be a costume contest before the showing of Serenity, so come prepared! The Cinema Grill is a full service restaurant and bar, so the shindig will start as soon as you enter!
After the tragic event in Aurora on July 20th, Denver CSTS will be giving 25% to the Aurora Shooting Victims Fund and they ask those who can't make it to the screening to still give via the donate button on their website.

Raleigh, N.C. Browncoats are having their Serenity screening on July 29th. There will be a raffle and a costume contest and since their venue is also a full service restaurant and cinema, come hungry! There will be no tickets at the door so buy yours in advance.

We end where we began - in Perth Australia with their Serenity Screening, also on Sunday July 29th. Pretty Floral bonnets are highly encouraged!

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Why Scott Allie & Dark Horse support CSTS

We asked our sponsors why, year after year, they support Can't Stop the Serenity & Equality Now. This is what Scott Allie of Dark Horse had to say.

"We've always loved the fact that Can't Stop the Serenity started here in Portland, the same as Dark Horse. We deal with a lot of different kinds of fandom in comics, and it's amazing when this silly fantasy stuff that we all love so much can generate real good in the world.

What the Browncoats achieve with CSTS and all their charitable efforts is humbling and adds to our pride in contributing to the world Joss created."

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Arlington, VA & Fort Lauderdale FL have screenings

On Friday July 20, Arlington has their first of 2 screenings of Serenity, along with a Costume Contest, an auction and a raffle. The next day, Saturday the 21st, they do it all again but with the added content of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog.

Get a ticket to one or both days.

Fort Lauderdale is running their event on Saturday July 21st. Not only is Serenity being shown but they also have a special performance by South Florida Taiko Dojo, a Japanese Drumming group who so wowed the audience last year they are back to do it again.
The event is being held at Cinema Paradiso

Both Fort Lauderdale and Arlington are running their events in a space with a full bar!

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Events this weekend, July 14th & 15th

The Albuquerque Browncoats have decided that one screening of Serenity is just not enough! So they are holding 2, one on Saturday July 14th and one on the 15th.

There's a special discount if you buy a tickets to both and you get sumthin' extra if you show up in costume.

Each screening will also have a raffle & you just know they are giving away some good stuff.

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