Introducing the 2016 Global Events Coordinator, Annie Burnaman!

Are you ready for Can't Stop the Serenity 2016? We are! With our tenth year behind us, we're looking forward to an exciting year of fun filled fandom events. For the past decade, Browncoats all over the world have donated tens of thousands of hours of their spare time over the past decade to organise events both big and small to celebrate our fandom and to support Equality Now, and 2016 is no different. Plans are already being made in cities across the globe. Will there be an event in your local area? All it takes are a few Browncoats to p

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The 2015 Intro Video

For years CSTS has created an intro video to be shown before showing Serenity. We know it is shown at other times of course - during affiliate events for instance. But it is just for those participating in some kind of CSTS event.

And it has always been a nice surprise for event go-ers.
Who will be on it this year?
What will be the theme?
Will it make us laugh, or (one notable year), cry?

When the event season is over, we put it up on our You Tube channel for all to see.

We would like to extend a bi

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There Was No Stopping the CSTS Signal in 2015!

With the auction closing out the 2015 Can’t Stop the Serenity season in November, it’s hard to believe another year is over. But what a celebration our tenth year has been!

59 events in 45 cities across 7 countries raised over $90,000 for Equality Now and 19 other charities (you can view the full list of donations and charities on the Global Donation Tally page). A Virtua

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The Auction Was Wonderful!

Our thanks to all who donated and those who bid and those who won. Everything is still being tallied but we know already that a sizable amount of money will be donated to Equality Now because of your generosity.

We know that not everyone could bid, but so many people spread the word for us that we had an unprecedented number of participants.

Thank you all so much.

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Auction is almost over!

If you have planned to take a look at what is available in our E-Bay auction, now is the time!

Autographed DVD

Here is the link once again. Remember, all the money raised goes to Equality Now to help w

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The Auction has started and it is shiny!

Here is where it all is. So many great items, you just might have to bid on all of them.

Something for yourself, something for a loved one or a best friend, something to give to that someone who has everything.

But I bet they don't have the rare Serenity Blueprints.

Or the H

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