Con Man Goodies in eBay Auction

The auction is here.

Lots of people have seen Season One of Con Man but have you seen the extras? The Con Man DVD is full of them and that particular auction lot is worth winning for it along. But it also has a poster signed by Alan Tudyk and a Spectrum poster featuring James Raaker & Cash Wayne aka Jack Moore and Wray Nerely aka Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk. (Are you confused yet?)

Another Con Man collection includes Con Man Trading cards and a character sheet from S

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So much to bid on!

Browncoats are a generous bunch. And so are the companies whom make wonderful things to sell to us.

Take for instance Loot Crate who sent us the Zoe Loot Crate full of exciting things like the Zoe figure, a Serenity Journal, a mystery QBits figure and so much more.

Right at this moment it is still under $30.00. At twice that amount it would still be a steal.
We have a lot of auction items like that - currently going for much less than they are worth. Check them out.

Tell your friends and family to bid. Make the world a better place by supportin

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Browncoat Families – Auction

These two groups are some of our favourites in the auction. We've paired this year's stunning Tshirts with cunning hats and a big comfy Firefly pillow. The twist? Two of the hats and 2 of the Tshirts are for children!


But maybe you have a little one not quite old enough. Then this baby sling is for you! Woven especiall

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Auction has started!

Our huge eBay auction is now live! You can find it here.

And just take a look at what we have! joss-sigA member of the Pittsburgh CSTS gang was at San Diego Comic Con and went to the Dark Horse signing for the new Serenit

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Auction starts Monday Oct. 24

Our big eBay auction starts on Monday but we just couldn't wait so we've put one item up already! You can find it here. (

Georges Jeanty illustrated Serenity: Leaves on the Wind and this graphic novel collects all the issues in one place. That would be shiny enough but when he was asked to sign this for us, he went one step further and drew a picture in it. So the winner of this great title will also own an original Jeanty!

Because we put this one out early,

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Auction postponed one week

Due to changes at eBay we have to postpone our h-u-u-uge auction one week. It will now start Oct. 24 and end the 31st.

Once it goes live, we'll post the URL but you will always be able to find it by searching for the California Browncoats who have been good enough to allow us to take over their eBay account.

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