Moving into October

The last month of the 2014 Can't Stop The Serenity season sees some exciting events happening. This weekend there are 3 very different types of Serenity Screenings.

First up is London, England. All the online tickets are sold out but at time of writing there are still a few left for sale at the door. The day starts at 4:00 and there will be showings of Dr. Horrible, Serenity & some Firefly inspired music videos. A silent auction has some great prizes as does a raffle. A costume competition will claim the middle of the event, so get those outfits finished! The Mad Hatter is a wonderful pub so you'll probably want to get something to eat & drink while you are at it.

The South Florida Browncoats are holding their screening in Pembrook Pines this year at the South Regional Library. There will be a raffle, trivia, door prizes, & Dr. Horrible . How will you do at Firefly Wheel of Fortune? The intermission will have snacks before you settle in again to watch Serenity. The price for all this goodness? Free but this is a Fundraiser of course, so be generous with your donation.

Over on the US West Coast, a Steampunk convention will also have a Serenity Screening. While the film is included with one level of tickets, a minimum $5.00 donation will be accepted at the door. Following the movie, there will be a shindig. Again, while the shindig is open to certain level of ticket holders, you can buy a ticket to it separately should you wish to attend. And who wouldn't? We are looking forward to seeing the Space Western inspired steampunk costumes!

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Seven Events in Three Countries

The shiny just keeps on happening! This weekend there are events in Australia, Canada and the United States.

First up is Nowra, Australia holding their third CSTS screening. If you have been following the posts on their Facebook page, you'll know they have an exciting evening planned with all sorts of amazing prizes. As well as Serenity there will be Dr. Horrible's Singalog blog, a Costume contest, an auction and door prizes.

After a great success showing Serenity, Toronto is back showing Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. There will also be games and prizes. Wonder what exactly is Wonderflonium? Find out this and more. Follow them on Twitter for daily updates.

The day ends with the Arizona Browncoats having their 2nd event in as many weeks! This time it is Tucson's turn. Held in the historic Fox Theater. (That's right. The FOX theater),there will be a Whedonesque costume contest, a photobooth to capture the memories, and a raffle with a custom framed print by fan favorite Jason Palmer as the prize. Serenity and Dr. Horrible will be shown.

On Sunday Atlanta is back for the 9th year with another entertaining evening. Not only is Serenity being shown but the Atlanta Browncoats are well known for having all sorts of unusual entertainment. What will it be this year? You'll just have to go see. Top it off with a costume contest and a silent auction and you have a Good day! As always they are collecting food for the Atlanta Food Bank. For every canned good you bring, you will receive an extra prize drawing ticket!

Grand Prairie, Alberta is back for their third event as well. To accompany Dr. Horrible, there will be an evil laugh contest. Serenity will be shown as well as Browncoats: Redemption and a costume contest will keep those cameras busy. A silent auction with the shiny prizes including rare items signed by Nathan Fillion will run throughout the afternoon.

Philadelphia also ran a successful Serenity screening and are back to show Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog! Games, raffles, refreshments, and of course, the chance to watch Dr. Horrible with a roomful of fellow geeks is not to be missed. They are also running a costume contest - either a character you make up to fit in the universe or one from the show.

CSTS Pittsburgh will have a table at Pittsburgh Comic Con Friday through Sunday,at which you can try to beat your previous score at the "Zoe's Shootin' Gallery" game from their Serenity event and win prizes while you're at it. There will also be a raffle, and merch for sale,including a download card of Sean Faust's shiny, Serenity-inspired song "Signal" for just $1.00.On Sunday, there will be the "Joss Whedon Jeopardy" hosted by Captain Hammer. Following the game, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will show.
(PLEASE NOTE: While the CSTS events are technically free of charge, donations to Equality Now are very much appreciated, and you must purchase a pass to the Pittsburgh Comicon in order to attend the event.

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Hopping Across the Countries Coast to Coast

Another busy CSTS weekend with 6 events in 2 days.

Halifax is back with 2 back to back screenings of Serenity, as well as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a silent auction, merchandise for sale, trivia contest and door prizes. Come in costume and be immortalized by their very talented photographer! There will even be a Hero of Canton sing-along. Halifax is known for getting unusual auction items such as the Kaylee Special. (It runs on batteries);-). They will have a wide assortment of unique Tshirts and a comic signed by both Nathan and Adam. If you are in the area, it is not to be missed.

Sandy Utah is having its first CSTS event ever and it is already sold out! Serenity will be showing in an intimate 56 seat theater and will be accompanied by a raffle and an auction with shiny goods that have to be seen to be believed.

Still on Saturday, still heading west, we end at the Orange County CSTS event. Serenity is the centerpiece with Dr. Horrible and possibly another short film making up the rest of the cinematic experience.The excitement is always high for this fun screening and this year will be no exception. A lively auction, door prizes and shiny merchandise for sale pretty well guarantees that you won't go home empty handed.

On Sunday the Arizona Browncoats have their Phoenix/Scottsdale screening. There will be merchandise for sale, an auction, photobooth and of course Serenity.But if you don't have your ticket already, too late! It is Sold Out.

Platteville is holding their first CSTS event so if you are anywhere in the area, go support them! The day starts with an episode from the hilarious Written by a Kid, followed by Dr. Horrible and then Serenity. There will be plenty of time to buy such cool items as do it yourself Kaylee parasols, a stuffed Serenity, shirts with CSTS patches and more. There will be a silent auction for some shiny handcrafted items so be sure to bring lots of money. Remember, it's for charity!

And Sunday ends with another new CSTS event. The Zenith City Browncoats in Duluth are running an Affiliate event featuring live music, called dancing, a bonfire, a limited buffet & staged combat. Sounds like a party Mal Reynolds would attend! Details on their Facebook page. (You need to be signed in to Facebook to see the page.)

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Four very Different Events

The weekend of Sept. 13-14 sees a wide assortment of CSTS events. Montreal is back with its first event since 2006 and it promises to be worth the wait! It is happening within Montreal Comic-Con so if you weren't going to attend, you might want to think again! Tickets are only $10.00 to get in CSTS Montreal but you do need to be attending Montreal Comic Con already. There will be a showing of Serenity, a costume contest, prizes for trivia, an auction, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog and a few special things for sale.

The Beeston Browncoats can always be counted on to run a fun Affiliate event.This year they even have their event on the same day that SyFYUK is showing Serenity. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe SyFyUK recognizes the perfect time to show the film!

There will be live music from Nottingham Singer/Songwriter Adam Peter Smith and Sword Dancing from local all woman dance troupe Whip the Cat, a BBQ, Cake Stall, lots of sci-fi merchandise up for grabs through tombola, and a raffle with great prizes.

New event city Aberdeen is offering a meal and 2 movies. Done the Impossible and Dr. Horrible will be accompanied by a great meal which is included in your ticket. Then there will be a pub quiz and a raffle draw as well as some very shiny merchandise for sale. Aberdeen got so many wonderful items, they have even added an auction! Go support this new event city!

The last event of the weekend is in Arcata California where the Humboldt Browncoats are running their 2nd CSTS event. While Serenity will be the showpiece, the evening will also feature some excellent trivia (How's your Chinese?), a costume parade, and a raffle with many shiny prizes. How shiny? Take a look.

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From Rhode Island to Utah

It's been a long time since Rhode Island had their very own Can't Stop The Serenity Screening, so be sure not to miss it on Saturday Sept. 6th! It's being held in the Columbus Theatre, an historic Opera House in Providence. Just imagine how great people cosplaying Captain Tightpants and Kaylee in her dress will look in a setting like that! Besides showing Serenity, the RI Sci-Fi Club will also be hosting a food drive - bringing food items gets you a free raffle ticket! And what a raffle! Prizes will even include something signed by Joss Whedon himself. Tickets can be bought here.

The Utah Browncoats are bringing an Affiliate event to Salt Lake City Comic Con. Dr. Horrible will be shown on Saturday, Sept, 6th. SLCC is donating $1.00 for every person in attendance so get those seats filled! There will also be a raffle and tickets can be purchased at the Utah Browncoats booth prior to the screening. Afterwards, a huge group photo is planned. You don't need to be in costume, but wouldn't it be shiny if you were?

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Why Can’t Stop the Serenity, Part V

(Moon, who has been running Denver's CSTS since the beginning tells us why.)

I've been asked many times over the last nine years, why I organize the Denver CSTS screenings. My stock answer is something along the lines of, "I'm a Browncoat," "It's for Joss' birthday," or "Equality Now is a wonderful charity that fights for the rights of women and girls all over the world!" While these statements are true and I always say them with a smile, it's only part of the story that drives me to continue working with CSTS and Equality Now. Personally, I do it for my mother, the strongest and bravest woman I've ever known.

My mother, Sim Chae Yop, was born 1943 in a small fishing village in what we now call South Korea. Back then it was part of the Japanese Empire and life was far from easy under military rule. As the eldest daughter of a large family including 11 siblings, my mother's daily life was consumed with the procurement of food for her brothers and sisters.

At the age of four, she learned to dive off the small row boat her family owned to harvest mussels and scallops from the ocean floor. She spent days hiking the mountains near her home, foraging for fruit and trapping small animals, sometimes with a sibling strapped to her back. She once told me, "The wars were bad, but starving and sickness were worse." She would lose three brothers and four sisters to starvation and disease before she reached adulthood. Two other brothers died during the Korean War and Vietnam.

My mother was never allowed to attend school and to this day is fluent in three languages, Korean, English and Cantonese, but illiterate in all. This never hindered her ability to do math, especially when it came to money. After the Korean War my mother began cooking for a local café and socked away every cent she made. This allowed her to move to Seoul when she turned seventeen, where she worked at a local bar, for the next ten years, that was popular with US servicemen. That's where she met my father, George Tarr, a Sergeant in the US Air Force.

Within a year she would have me, marry my father, and move to the US. As the wife of a serviceman life was hard in the States. My father was often away, stationed in other countries while we were left on various bases around the US. In all we lived in five states and three countries before my dad retired when I was twelve. She didn't drive, had three young children, and couldn't formally work, so she began selling Tupperware and teaching the other wives how to cook Korean food to make extra money. In 1976 she became a US Citizen after passing her citizen test. To this day, it is still her proudest moment and the certificate hangs on her dining room wall.

After my dad retired we moved back to Colorado. We had previously lived there for a year on Lowery Air Force Base and my parents had loved the Denver/Aurora area. Mother said the mountains reminded her of home and there was a large Korean population. My mother went to work at Red Lobster as a prep-cook, worked her way up to Kitchen Manager and retired after twenty-five years. She now spends her days cooking for family, shopping and watching Korean soap operas. A well deserved break, I think.

When I look back over my life, I count myself lucky. I was raised in comfort, with love and support. I never went to bed hungry or scared. I never experienced war, gunshots, nor bombings. I was given a first class education, had first rate medical care and access to a legal system that many around the world will never have. I organize our local screening for the little girl that survived a public stoning for throwing a pot at a Chinese soldier who was ransacking her home. That little girl, is my mom.

"Your action makes a difference. Raise your voice to stop human rights abuses against women and girls." This quote is from Equality Now's website. This is why the CSTS screenings are so important to me. I know first hand that there is suffering, especially for women and children in countries outside the US. Equality Now is dedicated to helping and raising awareness and so am I. Every person in our theater's seats, is a voice saying, "It’s not right! I've got your back!" Every dollar we raise is a middle finger in the face of a corrupt government, dictator, or warlord.

In the end, everyone has their own reasons for why Can't Stop The Serenity is important to them. Why they run them year after year, attend them, spend money out of their own pocket to fund them. The reasons why aren't important in the grand scheme, the end results matter the most. Providing a voice and aid to those that don't have it, that's what really matters. The fact that this issue is close to Joss Whedon's heart, is just chocolatey icing on the protein cake.

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