Two Cities Celebrate Can’t Stop the Serenity Milestones!

This week we have two big Can’t Stop the Serenity multi-event celebrations on opposite sides of the world!

It all starts this Thursday in Minneapolis at the Riverview Theater with the first of 3 nights of Can’t Stop the Serenity. Minneapolis was part of the first CSTS in 2006 and has held events every year since, making this year extra special as they celebrate 10 years.

The Thursday night will feature a raffle and Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog* in addition to Serenity on the big screen. But not to fret if you can’t make the Thursday night event as they will be screening Serenity again both on Friday and Saturday night at 11.30pm. Tickets are cash only at the door and cost $10 for Thursday’s event and only $3 for either the Friday or Saturday screenings. There will also be special 10th Anniversary tshirts for sale. For more event information please visit their website. All proceeds go to Equality Now.

We then cross to the other side of the globe to Perth, Australia on Saturday where the Perth Browncoats celebrate their 5th year of Can’t Stop the Serenity events with two shindigs! They begin with an all ages screening at the State Library of Western Australia where the doors open at 3.30pm so you have time to get some raffle tickets and merchandise before Serenity rises again on the big screen. After the screening, there’s an over 18’s shindig at the Brass Monkey Hotel so you can socialise with fellow Browncoats.

Dressing to theme is strongly encouraged at both events and there will be prizes. Tickets to the screening are $20 each, and $15 for the shindig or you can buy tickets to both for just $30. They are available to purchase online here, and you’ll want to get yours quick as the first 200 will receive a gift bag full of goodies on arrival. For all event updates keep an eye on their event page. All profits from these events will be donated to Equality Now and Living Proud WA.

If these events aren’t local to you, have you checked our Find an Event page? Registration for 2015 events is now closed but it’s not too early to start planning for next year! You can find all the essential info here.

Up next Fairfax!

*screened by permission from Time Science Blood Club, LLC. ©Time Science Blood Club, LLC. All rights reserved.

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A Double 10 Year Can’t Stop the Serenity Celebration this Saturday!

Two founding Can’t Stop the Serenity cities celebrate ten years of events this weekend!

We start off on Saturday with the Pennsylvania Browncoats Rivers and Bridges Brigade proudly celebrating 10 years of Can't Stop the Serenity events in Pittsburgh. The doors of the historic Hollywood Theater open at 5pm where the evening kicks off with games, raffle ticket and merch sales followed by an accoustic performance by Sean Faust, his third CSTS event this year! And of course Serenity on the big screen.

Entry for the event is free but since this is a charity event, a minimum $10 donation to Equality Now is strongly encouraged. And don’t forget to bring lots of cashy money for the shiny merch and raffle which includes some CSTS 10TH Anniversary items, Serenity soaps, Train Job posters by Caroline Moore and some gorgeous hand made items from Expressions by Jen. To keep updated on event news check out the CSTS Pittsburgh website.

Then we cross to the west coast where the Seattle Browncoats Charities are teaming up with Galacticon 4 to celebrate their 10th year of holding Can’t Stop the Serenity events. The event at the Seattle Centre will include a costume contest, silent auction, merchandise for sale, Serenity on the big screen and the Ariel Ambulance nearby for photo ops.

If that wasn’t enough Browncoat excitement for one day, the event is featuring a special Q&A with Jewel Staite and Lee Stringer who worked as a digital artist on Firefly and Serenity as well as many other sci-fi movies and series! This is a CSTS you are not going to want to miss so get your tickets here. And you can find all the event info, including the evening's schedule on their Facebook page.

If these events aren’t local to you, have you checked our Find an Event page? There’s only a few days left to register an event for 2015, you can find all the essential info here.

Up next Minneapolis and Perth!

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Beware the Monsters at Can’t Stop the Serenity Gaffney This Week!

This week’s Affiliate event is something a little different and just goes to show how varied Can’t Stop the Serenity fundraisers are.

It’s Can’t Stop the Serenity Gaffney at MonsterCon! As we mentioned this event is a bit more unusual as it’s solely a raffle. Prizes include a copy of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind signed by Summer Glau, Done the Impossible DVD, Firefly-inspired music CDs and a hat that when you walk down the street in it, people know you’re not afraid of anything. Tickets are just a dollar each and all proceeds go to Equality Now. You can find them in the vendors area, so make sure you drop buy and buy plenty for your chance to win lots of shiny.

MonsterCon runs from 23-26th July and is a convention for lovers of comic books, toys, and films, and also pays tribute to historical monsters that evolved into both the sci-fi and horror genres.

The DVD, CDs and cunning hat came courtesy of our 2015 Sponsors Pack which is available to all event cities and is so fully of shiny! Georges Jeanty even drew in every copy of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind donated by Dark Horse. Please visit our sponsors page to see our amazing partners without whom events would be a little less shiny.

If these events aren’t local to you, have you checked our Find an Event page? There’s just over a week left to register an event for 2015, you can find all the essential info here.

Up next Pittsburgh and Seattle.

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A Weekend Full of Can’t Stop the Serenity Screenings

It's a bumper weekend coming up with four Can’t Stop the Serenity events!

First up the 42nd Brigade Beestonians have a fantastic shindig planned catering to Browncoats of all ages this Saturday from 4pm at the White Lion Bar and Kitchen. They’re starting off with a screening of Big Hero 6 before screening Serenity and finishing off the night with a live music performance by Kezia Gill.

If that’s not enough, there’ll be raffles with some shiny prize. Every ticket holder receives a raffle ticket and the limited edition 10th Anniversary Can’t Stop the Serenity postcard designed by Phil Towle. All this for just Adult £10, Concession £8, Child £3, tickets online here or at the door. All proceeds go to Equality Now.

We then jump across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami Springs for the SRF Browncoats CSTS screening event at Tom’s NFL Sport's Bar & Grill! They’ll be screening Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog along with Serenity, a raffle and a limited amount of amazing backpacks made from previous year’s CSTS shirts stuffed full of surprises for donations of $25 or more.

There’s also a lot of fun to be had with Whedonverse editions of Wheel of Fortune and Catch 21 hosted by Nick Roche. Also at the event will be the U.S.S. Blackstar group with their display of Firefly and Serenity merchandise. All proceeds go to Equality Now and the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

Then it’s the Albuquerque Browncoats’ turn with a Big Damn CSTS screening at the KiMo Theatre with doors opening at 5pm on Saturday. Put on your best ‘Verse finery for the costume contest and don’t forget to bring lots of cashy money for all the raffles, merchandise and auction.

Your MC will be comedian Will Bolt and there’s a pre-show they’re keeping under wraps as a surprise. You can find the schedule on the Facebook event page and buy tickets for just $10 here. The first 200 to buy tickets online get a swag pack! All proceeds go to Equality Now and UNM Children's Hospital.

The Raleigh NC Browncoats round out the weekend on Sunday with a sold out event. They are celebrating not only being a founding Can’t Stop the Serenity city but also their 10th year holding events! The evening includes Serenity on the big screen, a costume contest and raffle. All proceeds go to Equality Now and Kids Need To Read.

A lot of events this year are selling out before the day, so if you’re going to one please make sure to buy your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out.

If these events aren’t local to you, have you checked our Find an Event page? And it’s not too late to register an event, you can find all the essential info here.

Up next Gaffney!

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Equality Now Shows its Gratitude

On Friday June 19th, the Browncoats of New York City had their CSTS event. That's nothing new – this was the 9th time they'd done it. What was new, was their partner.

Equality Now, which is based in New York City, were co-organizers. Equality Now had decided to show their thanks to Can't Stop The Serenity in as tangible a way as possible.

Upon entering the Chinese restaurant where it took place, it was our EN contact, Helen Stewart who greeted attendees, checked their name off and handed them a few small items.

The silent auction table had 2 bundles donated by Equality Now including the Joss Whedon designed Tshirt. And it seemed as though every Equality Now staff member was there, having fun and learning what Browncoats are all about. Sure, they knew we've donated $1 million dollars to charity, but they hadn't seen how and the New York City event was a perfect example of how we raise so much money every year. Between ticket sales, a silent auction, a live auction and a very lively raffle sale, the NYC Browncoats were very good at extracting every last dollar from the attendees!

Yasmeen Hassan, the Global Executive Director of Equality Now was also there despite what must be a very busy schedule. She talked to a lot of people and before the movie started, she gave a short speech, thanking all of us for raising so much money for them and emphasizing how much difference it has made. They are very grateful to us.


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Can’t Stop the Serenity at Montreal Comiccon!

Can’t Stop the Serenity lands at Montreal Comiccon this Saturday night with a screening event!

You'll find it at 513a - Panel Room 1. Doors open at 8pm for an 8.30pm screening.

You must have a Saturday pass for Comiccon to access the event and you can purchase CSTS tickets for just $10 here or get them for $12 at the door. With Jewel Staite a guest at the con, why not take advantage of your Saturday pass and get an autograph or photo.

In addition to Serenity on the big screen there’ll be prizes and items for sale and auction so make sure you bring lots of cashy money! All proceeds go to Equality Now and the Montreal Children's Hospital.

For event updates keep an eye on the facebook event page.

If these events aren’t local to you, have you checked our Find an Event page? And it’s not too late to register an event, you can find all the essential info here.

Up next Albuquerque, Beeston, Miami Springs and Raleigh!

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