From Rhode Island to Utah

It's been a long time since Rhode Island had their very own Can't Stop The Serenity Screening, so be sure not to miss it on Saturday Sept. 6th! It's being held in the Columbus Theatre, an historic Opera House in Providence. Just imagine how great people cosplaying Captain Tightpants and Kaylee in her dress will look in a setting like that! Besides showing Serenity, the RI Sci-Fi Club will also be hosting a food drive - bringing food items gets you a free raffle ticket! And what a raffle! Prizes will even include something signed by Joss Whedon himself. Tickets can be bought here.

The Utah Browncoats are bringing an Affiliate event to Salt Lake City Comic Con. Dr. Horrible will be shown on Saturday, Sept, 6th. SLCC is donating $1.00 for every person in attendance so get those seats filled! There will also be a raffle and tickets can be purchased at the Utah Browncoats booth prior to the screening. Afterwards, a huge group photo is planned. You don't need to be in costume, but wouldn't it be shiny if you were?

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Why Can’t Stop the Serenity, Part V

(Moon, who has been running Denver's CSTS since the beginning tells us why.)

I've been asked many times over the last nine years, why I organize the Denver CSTS screenings. My stock answer is something along the lines of, "I'm a Browncoat," "It's for Joss' birthday," or "Equality Now is a wonderful charity that fights for the rights of women and girls all over the world!" While these statements are true and I always say them with a smile, it's only part of the story that drives me to continue working with CSTS and Equality Now. Personally, I do it for my mother, the strongest and bravest woman I've ever known.

My mother, Sim Chae Yop, was born 1943 in a small fishing village in what we now call South Korea. Back then it was part of the Japanese Empire and life was far from easy under military rule. As the eldest daughter of a large family including 11 siblings, my mother's daily life was consumed with the procurement of food for her brothers and sisters.

At the age of four, she learned to dive off the small row boat her family owned to harvest mussels and scallops from the ocean floor. She spent days hiking the mountains near her home, foraging for fruit and trapping small animals, sometimes with a sibling strapped to her back. She once told me, "The wars were bad, but starving and sickness were worse." She would lose three brothers and four sisters to starvation and disease before she reached adulthood. Two other brothers died during the Korean War and Vietnam.

My mother was never allowed to attend school and to this day is fluent in three languages, Korean, English and Cantonese, but illiterate in all. This never hindered her ability to do math, especially when it came to money. After the Korean War my mother began cooking for a local café and socked away every cent she made. This allowed her to move to Seoul when she turned seventeen, where she worked at a local bar, for the next ten years, that was popular with US servicemen. That's where she met my father, George Tarr, a Sergeant in the US Air Force.

Within a year she would have me, marry my father, and move to the US. As the wife of a serviceman life was hard in the States. My father was often away, stationed in other countries while we were left on various bases around the US. In all we lived in five states and three countries before my dad retired when I was twelve. She didn't drive, had three young children, and couldn't formally work, so she began selling Tupperware and teaching the other wives how to cook Korean food to make extra money. In 1976 she became a US Citizen after passing her citizen test. To this day, it is still her proudest moment and the certificate hangs on her dining room wall.

After my dad retired we moved back to Colorado. We had previously lived there for a year on Lowery Air Force Base and my parents had loved the Denver/Aurora area. Mother said the mountains reminded her of home and there was a large Korean population. My mother went to work at Red Lobster as a prep-cook, worked her way up to Kitchen Manager and retired after twenty-five years. She now spends her days cooking for family, shopping and watching Korean soap operas. A well deserved break, I think.

When I look back over my life, I count myself lucky. I was raised in comfort, with love and support. I never went to bed hungry or scared. I never experienced war, gunshots, nor bombings. I was given a first class education, had first rate medical care and access to a legal system that many around the world will never have. I organize our local screening for the little girl that survived a public stoning for throwing a pot at a Chinese soldier who was ransacking her home. That little girl, is my mom.

"Your action makes a difference. Raise your voice to stop human rights abuses against women and girls." This quote is from Equality Now's website. This is why the CSTS screenings are so important to me. I know first hand that there is suffering, especially for women and children in countries outside the US. Equality Now is dedicated to helping and raising awareness and so am I. Every person in our theater's seats, is a voice saying, "It’s not right! I've got your back!" Every dollar we raise is a middle finger in the face of a corrupt government, dictator, or warlord.

In the end, everyone has their own reasons for why Can't Stop The Serenity is important to them. Why they run them year after year, attend them, spend money out of their own pocket to fund them. The reasons why aren't important in the grand scheme, the end results matter the most. Providing a voice and aid to those that don't have it, that's what really matters. The fact that this issue is close to Joss Whedon's heart, is just chocolatey icing on the protein cake.

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CSTS In the Southern U.S.

On Saturday Aug 23, the SRF Browncoats are hosting a screening at the Hurricane Bar & Grill in Miami Springs, Florida. There will be raffles, Dr. Horrible, Serenity and a local fan group will be hosting a Firefly themed Wheel of Fortune Game. The Hurricane has a full menu and bar. There is no admission for entry but hey - this is a fundraiser, so donations will be gladly accepted in cash, checks, paypal and credit cards. There will be special gifts for all who donate $25.00 or more.Even more details here.

On Sunday, the North Texas Browncoats are back with Can't Stop The Music, an evening of awesome live music, burlesque and a showing of Dr. Horrible. The fun starts with Dr. Horrible at 6:00 with the last musicians starting at 12:30. Cover is only $5.00 at the door. That's less than $1.00 per band!

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Nine Events in only Four Days

Minneapolis is never content to do a screening like most other cities. Instead, for many years now, they have three screenings in a row. Everything starts on Thursday Aug 14 with Dr. Horrible at 7:45 and Serenity at 9:35. On both Friday and Saturday the events starts later - with Serenity being shown at 11:30 both nights. Please note that this is a cash only event so bring lots! Which screening will you attend?

Portland also feels that one screening is never enough, so they are holding 2 screenings in one day, Aug. 16th. Both the afternoon and the evening events feature Dr. Horrible and Serenity as well as raffles with awesome prizes. Tickets can be bought online.

Browncoats all recognize the importance of Shindigs so Pittsburgh is starting their screening not at the theater but up the street at Fredo's Market Deli from 3-5. Popular musician Sean Faust will entertain the masses while fans eat great food and play trivia for prizes. Then it's over to the Hollywood Theatre for games, raffles and Serenity. The theater is cash only and tickets for the screening will be available at the box office starting at 5:00. After the screening, the Hollywood will be showing Cabin in The Woods but please note that this is not part of the CSTS event.

On Sunday the North Texas Browncoats hold the last screening of the weekend. This is always a great time but if you don't have your ticket already, it's too late - it is sold out! There will be not one but two evil laugh competitions, a costume contest, raffles and a live auction. Dr. Horrible will start the proceedings and of course, Serenity will be the centerpiece.

Up in Nova Scotia, Halifax will hold an Affiliate event showing Seasons 4-6 of the Guild. Missed the earlier event with Seasons 1-3? Catch them on Netflix before you head over on Friday.

Melbourne's Affiliate event is a night of trivia. Well, more than that. This is "Battle of the Geeks"! Think you and your friends know your trivia? Be prepared to prove it! Doors open at 7 with trivia running from 8 - 10:30. Tickets available for purchase at the door.

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Why Can’t Stop The Serenity, Part IV

Peepiecheep answers the question.

On July 6th this year, a team of dedicated volunteers ran a Can't Stop the Serenity event in Leicester, UK. It was the first time since 2008 that an event had been held in the city. Last time we raised over $300 for Equality Now, this year we raised 4 times as much, both for EN and for our local women's aid charity. It's hard work, and it takes up a lot of our spare time, but it's worth it.

Why? Because equality matters.

Equality, and the fight to achieve it for all, is important. For every woman who cannot fight, who finds her life and her choices dictated for her; for every girl who has been denied an education due to her gender; for every pre-teen who has been married off to a man three times her age; for every victim of rape and violence and oppression; we will help fight for them.

In the words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds, "Somebody has to speak for these people", and this year, Leicester helped be their voice.

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Australia Takes Over

Both Perth and Melbourne are having their CSTS screenings this weekend with an added Affiliate shindig in Perth.

Melbourne is running it's 9th screening on Saturday, Aug 2. Serenity will be in HD so you can discover all those little things you never noticed before! Also showing will be Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. To add to the excitement, there will be a cosplay competition, raffles, auctions, door prizes and all sorts of shiny merchandise. Please note that it will be cash only that day so be sure to bring along lots of cashy money as well as your best costume if you've a mind to. This event sold out the last 2 years so get your ticket in advance, just in case!

So plan to go, bring a friend, bring someone who has never seen Firefly, and they’ll have fun, raise much needed money and become part of the Browncoat family!

Perth is making sure everyone is in the right mood by having a shindig on Saturday night with the screening on Sunday. This will include a light meal and a private bar. (No word on if Mudder's Milk will be offered). Costumes are encouraged and there will be all manner of games and the like if your fellow Browncoats aren't enough to make for a perfect evening.

The screening will be on Sunday afternoon at the Cinema Paradiso (is that not a perfect name??), which boasts of a licensed bar as well as the more usual popcorn. There will be some great merch for sale and a raffle for shiny prizes before Serenity gets started around 4:00. You can purchase tickets for one or both events and pick them up at the door. Remember to bring proof of purchase with you.

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