Australia Takes Over

Both Perth and Melbourne are having their CSTS screenings this weekend with an added Affiliate shindig in Perth.

Melbourne is running it's 9th screening on Saturday, Aug 2. Serenity will be in HD so you can discover all those little things you never noticed before! Also showing will be Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. To add to the excitement, there will be a cosplay competition, raffles, auctions, door prizes and all sorts of shiny merchandise. Please note that it will be cash only that day so be sure to bring along lots of cashy money as well as your best costume if you've a mind to. This event sold out the last 2 years so get your ticket in advance, just in case!

So plan to go, bring a friend, bring someone who has never seen Firefly, and they’ll have fun, raise much needed money and become part of the Browncoat family!

Perth is making sure everyone is in the right mood by having a shindig on Saturday night with the screening on Sunday. This will include a light meal and a private bar. (No word on if Mudder's Milk will be offered). Costumes are encouraged and there will be all manner of games and the like if your fellow Browncoats aren't enough to make for a perfect evening.

The screening will be on Sunday afternoon at the Cinema Paradiso (is that not a perfect name??), which boasts of a licensed bar as well as the more usual popcorn. There will be some great merch for sale and a raffle for shiny prizes before Serenity gets started around 4:00. You can purchase tickets for one or both events and pick them up at the door. Remember to bring proof of purchase with you.

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Raleigh is Already a Hit

Can't Stop The Serenity is still flying in Raleigh, North Carolina where it looks to be a sold out event for the 5th year running, on Sunday July 27.

This is their 9th year so you know they are doing something right! Those lucky enough to have a ticket are urged to come early and have food and drink with your fellow Browncoats before the raffle and costume contest get underway. Yes, costumes! Dust off your duds and come dressed as an inhabitant of the 'Verse. Following the raffle and contest will be a showing of the big damn movie, Serenity.

But before you head over, if you don't have a ticket, be sure to check the website to see if any are left.

UPDATE: Raleigh is sold out!

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Make a Weekend of It

As temperatures rise in North America, cities in Canada and the United States are adding to the heat. (Luckily all events are air-conditioned!)

On Friday night Halifax, Nova Scotia is showing Seasons 1-3 of the Guild. Tickets are only $5.00 and attendees will have their names added to the door prize draw at the main event in September - bonus chances to win some great stuff! Concessions will be available.

Down the coast Can't Stop the Serenity is returning to Washington, D.C. on Saturday with doors opening at 11:00 AM.
This year's event includes Serenity & Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, a costume contest for best dressed Firefly/Serenity character & a second costume contest for best dressed as any character from any Joss Whedon production. There will also be raffles, door prizes, and a silent auction!
In what may be a first for any CSTS event, Washington is hosting a small ensemble from the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra who will perform several musical pieces arranged just for the show! It will be one of the Orchestra's first ever small ensemble performances. As of July 15th, all tickets were sold for this event.

Crossing over to the U.S. West Coast, Seattle is putting on not one but two screenings of Serenity on Saturday.
The afternoon show will have rounds of their very own homemade GeekBingo to entertain the audience, and the evening "Special Hell" show will feature Vixy & Tony as preshow enterainment. The "Special Hell" version includes Hecklevision texting-to-screen, so that witty comment you've always wanted to make when Mal shows up in a dress can now be politely shared with the whole theater (this is Seattle, after all).

There will be a costume contest for each screening and a ful menu and bar at the dinner theatre so why not go for both screenings?

Sunday, July 20 is the day that Philadelphia hosts a Serenity screening at the Rotunda. Tickets are only $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door but judging by last year when they sold out before the day - it's best to get your tickets now! Musician Sean Faust will be performing at this event and rumour has it there will also be ice planets for sale.

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Denver’s Ninth Season

Denver's Can't Stop The Serenity has the weekend all to themselves and with everything they have planned - they need that time & space! This is their 9th year and they have planned a shiny night full of "good works", to benefit Equality Now.

The SIE Film Center will play host on Saturday, July 12th. Event activities include a pre-screening shindig in the Henderson Lounge, Serenity and Dr. Horrible on the big screen, a costume contest, and huge raffle for shiny items donated by generous Sponsors.

Last year's Jayne's Hat Mob was big but they are hoping to beat that so remember to bring your "cunning hat!"

Denver's special ticket packages "Big Damn Hero" and "The 'Verse" have sold out already, so you might want to buy your ticket in advance as the event normally sells out before the day of the screening.


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Three Countries, Three Screenings

The weekend of July 4-6 sees three shiny screenings in Canada, the United States and England. First up chronologically is Toronto. The Royal Cinema once again plays host to an afternoon of Serenity, door prizes, and an auction full of unique items. Tickets are only $12.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door. The screening will be followed by a shindig at a nearby pub but RSVPs are neccessary for the shindig.

Albuquerque has a very full day planned on Saturday. Besides shiny shopping, raffles, an auction, a shindig, Serenity, catered dinner available for purchase at the theatre, there is also comedy and music! Comedians Drew Wayne and Genevieve Mueller will open the event and Mikey Mason will play right before the dinner break. Costume are encouraged and anyone who buys their ticket in advance gets a Fruity Oaty bar and other shiny swag! A shindig rounds out the day.

Sunday sees Leicester back for the first time since 2008 and it has blossomed since then! There is Serenity of course, live local music, spoken word and poetry performers, and tons and tons of things to buy - cakes, jewellery, fridge magnets, bags, cunning hats, and badges, to name a few things, as well as some really awesome raffle and competition prizes such as signed original artwork and graphic novels. There is even a teapot with a pretty cunning warmer over it.
The costume competition winners will receive specially engraved trophies, and a photo booth area will help attendees immortalize a great event. Everyone can get a bag of free popcorn too. Like Albuquerque, Leicester is offering something special to those who buy tickets in advance, - an Early Bird Goodie Bag.

Leicester also made a video to promote their event. Take a look after you admire their Jayne and Wash who helped to promote the screening at a recent con!

2 boys at a con in costume

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Bookending a Birthday

Continuing the celebration of Joss's birthday, 3 U.S. cities are holding their events this weekend. Their names also all start with N but the similarities end there!

The Nashville/Murfreesboro event is a concert featuring The Secret Commonwealth and Kasey Lansdale. There will also be a raffle and auction and probably a few surprises. Tickets will be available at the door.

Norfolk, Virginia is putting on a big damn shindig, also on June 28th. It starts at the Naro Cinema with a showing of Serenity in Hi Def. Doesn't matter how many times you have seen Serenity. You owe it to yourself to see it digitally. You'll see & hear content you never knew existed.There's a costume contest and rumours of a silent auction; a showing of Dr. Horrible and music by the one and only Mikey Mason.

But it doesn't end there! After everything is over at the Naro, it picks up again down the street at the Public House with Mikey Mason playing there as well.

New York City once again plays host to the Browncoats of NYC and their CSTS event. It starts at the New York Beer Company with themed drinks, a ticket auction and shiny items for sale. Then it's over to the Producers Club to see Serenity, take part in a Silent auction and enter the Costume Contest. As always, the auction items are great especially as some of them have recently been autographed by some of our Big Damn Heroes.

If you are anywhere near one of these events, go! If you only wish you were, buy a ticket anyway. You know the money will be going to good causes.

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