Help Celebrate Our $1million Achievement

Announcing we’d passed the one million dollar mark in donations was a momentous occasion for us.

This is an achievement that belongs to everyone who ever helped organise, attended, sponsored, spread the signal about or donated to a Can’t Stop the Serenity event. Big Damn Heroes all of you!

To celebrate all the thrilling heroics we want to show the world the amazing Browncoats who made this possible. We're looking for photos of Browncoats with signs celebrating that globally we've raised over 1 million dollars.

We would love pictures of you holding a sign along the lines of:
"Congratulations CSTS on raising $1M for charity from (Your name here) #CSTS1Million”.

It can be just you or a crowd of Browncoats. Have fun with it, be creative. Dress up in costume or show off your Can’t Stop the Serenity merchandise. Play around with photoshop. Your choice. Just don’t forget to tell us who you are!

Send your pics to

Over the season we’ll be featuring the photos on our website and across social media.

Below is one of our first submissions from Brooke of CSTS Lawrence, KS, we can't wait to see yours!

We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty!

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Give It A Go!

Never been able to get to a screening? Or maybe there’s not been an event in your city. Then it’s time you thought about running a screening event!

Screening events can be fun and seeing Serenity with Browncoats, both new and veteran, is an amazing experience.

The beauty about screenings is they vary in size depending on how big you want your event to be, from things like small screening rooms for 20 people at a local bar to big events at theatres with a capacity for 300 and everything in between.

In a way, taking on a screening event is a lot like Firefly. To start you need to recruit a trusty crew!

Finding the right venue can be the tricky part but with a bit of research and some thinking outside the box you can find the perfect one. It also helps to mention that it’s a charity event when negotiating and we provide a fact sheet to help explain what Can’t Stop the Serenity is.

Some past venues have included:

  • Independent cinemas
  • College theatres or lecture halls
  • High school auditorium or gym
  • Bars with screening capabilities
  • Library theatrettes

In addition to showing Serenity there’s usually the option of screening other content we acquire the rights for all CSTS events to show.

There’s a wealth of information covering all aspects of event planning to get you started here.

Most importantly you won’t be doing it alone.

Every organiser receives access to our forums where they can chat and get advice, support and ideas from other organisers and the global team. Global also assists with promoting your event across our social media platforms.

Each screening event has access to a sponsor pack so you have some great loot to start building raffle and prize packs to raise more money for Equality Now .

And with up to 25% available for you to donate to other charities, you can do good locally as well as globally!

Still not convinced? Read Craig from Arcata’s thoughts on being a first time organiser here.

You can find all the information you need to register and run an event, including important deadlines, on our Host an Event page. And if you have any questions just contact us at

Become part of the wonderful CSTS community and help raise awareness and money for Equality Now by registering an event now!

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Small but Fun

There's still time to register events to be held from June to October!

We want as many Can’t Stop the Serenity shindigs across the world as possible to celebrate the 10th year of Can’t Stop the Serenity and the 10th anniversary of the big damn movie Serenity.

Every size event is very welcome.

Some of you may be up for running a Screening event but if you want to start a little smaller or turn an existing event into a Can’t Stop the Serenity fundraiser, why not organise an Affiliate event?

The fantastic thing about Affiliate events is they can be almost anything. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you:

  • With so many Firefly board games out there, a games day makes a great event.
  • A trivia or pub quiz event
  • A costumed picnic
  • A pajama party
  • Dinner at a Chinese restaurant
  • Get a group of friends together to see a movie, buy a book of discounted tickets or do a group booking so it’s less per ticket and either charge everyone slightly more to or pass the hat to raise money for Equality Now.
  • Have a ‘Shiny’ jar at your event, it works like a swear jar, at the start of the event nominate a popular Firefly word or phrase and every time someone says it they have to put a dollar in the jar
  • Pin the cunning hat on Jayne

These are only a few concepts, but as you can see an event can be as big or as small as you want. See how easy it could be?

The benefits of being an officially registered event include:

  • Access to our forums to talk with other organizers to share ideas, experience and support
  • A prize pack to help you raise money and promotion of your event through global social media
  • Meeting and hanging out with other amazing Browncoats
  • Your event's charitable donation will be added to the 2015 Global Donation Total.

You can find all the details about registering and running an event, including important deadlines, on our Host an Event page. And if you have any questions just contact us at

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Our New 2015 Logo

Can't Stop the Serenity is celebrating 10 years in 2015, and we've got a great new logo to mark the occasion! This year's artwork was designed by Adam Levermore, a long time Browncoat and designer of some of our early promotional art designs (back in 2007 and 2008).

You may have already noticed the new logo on our website and social media. It's available now for you to download, so you can dress up your social media accounts to help spread the word about this year's events.

2015 is off to a great start already and we hope you'll come along for the ride and help us celebrate 10 fantastic years!


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Can’t Stop The Serenity Raises One Million Dollars For Charity

CSTS is immensely proud to announce that as of the end of the 2014 year, our 9th, we have raised One Million dollars U.S for Equality Now and the other charities our event cities have supported.

One Million Dollars.

It has come in as Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and American dollars. In Pounds and in Euros. Small amounts and large, from big cities and small groups of friends.

We probably can't measure exactly how much good this money has done, but we can feel it. And we know what we are.
Those of us who have run events, those who have donated time, money or swag, and of course those of us who open up our hearts and our wallets when we show up at a screening or affiliate event.

Big Damn Heroes, all of us.

One Million Dollars!!!!

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A New Organizer Speaks

(This was first heard on The Signal podcast. Our thanks to Craig Kurumada for allowing us to reprint it here)

I confess that when I first heard of Can't Stop the Serenity, I thought that these events would be something I personally might visit, but never help create. I imagined them to be similar to a big conventions. Well, not as big as DragonCon, but big enough to be put on by professional organizations and have a few celebrities. The cities were generally large metropolitan places with hundreds and hundreds of Browncoats able to raise thousands of dollars for Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now.
Big league stuff.

So it took a while for me to connect a couple of dots. Please understand, I live in a small town: Arcata, California has 16,000 people when school's in session. A little more than half that in the summer or over holidays. But, we do have two movie theatres.
One of them, the Arcata Theatre Lounge, started what they call "Science Fiction Wednesdays." This generally means showing really low budget science fiction movies for a five-dollar admission. It's free if you buy 5 dollars worth of beer or food, which is quite easy to do. Now, please don't be insulted when I say low budget science fiction shows. It isn't always so. Sometimes, they show great, classic sci-fi such as Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and, ta-da! Serenity.

For the past 6 or so years, whenever they would show Serenity, I rallied all the Browncoats I could and even bought a block of tickets. We then started making a "pre-Serenity show" with trivia and prizes. I'm an incurable swag collector and whenever Qmx or ThinkGeek comes up with some Fireflyesque item, I always buy one or two extras as prizes for some shindig or another. We'd done this now for several years, so I thought, why not try to do a CSTS event here in Arcata? We've got all the makings, just not the grand scale.

So, I went online to the CSTS website and got informed. I found all the deadlines.
(You should get organized in late spring or early summer for anything to happen in early fall.)
I took the plunge and registered. I realized that I had all kinds of fears about doing it wrong, making a mess and disgracing our local Browncoats. But, the people at CSTS headquarters were wonderful. They were very supportive of a small event like ours and gave us plenty of guidance.

Our event actually was not much different from any regular shindig, except people were very happy to pay the extra dollar for charity. I was also wonderfully surprised at their spontaneous contributions once they understood what CSTS was about. Many of the attendees didn't know it was a CSTS event, but they were accustomed to the Serenity showings. It was just more shiny goodness to them, knowing they were supporting Joss' favorite charity.

So, we labeled the beer taps "Mudder's Milk", gave away a ton of swag in trivia contests, and raised over $400 for CSTS. As a matter of pride, we had a head count of 164. I realized that with a population of 16,400 or so, we could claim that 1% of the population of the entire town was at our event! Hah!

Now that my fear of failure has been dissolved, I know we can do much more next year. I'm planning on it.

And you should, too. Organize your local Browncoats and do some good. Size really doesn't matter. It really is the intent and getting more people involved in supporting this worthwhile cause, all while having the shiniest of times.

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