Can’t Stop the Serenity is grateful for the helping hands that have stepped forward over the past years in support of Equality Now and the Fans of Serenity. Our Global Sponsors support all of our events and contribute to the global success of Can’t Stop the Serenity. We are also fortunate to have many local sponsors, who support the individual Affiliate and Screening events. We are grateful that we’re welcoming new and returning sponsors from last year. Click here for information on how to become a Global Sponsor.

Alphabetical Listing

Barringer, Anne
Browncoat’s Patch Packet
Catoe, Dave
Dallas Comic Con
Done the Impossible
Dragonweave Jewelry
Fallen Stars, The
Harmsway Press
Mason, Mikey
Pike, Devon
Thuong, Anne
‘Verse, The

Detailed Listing

Anne Barringer was the 2009 Global Organiser of Can’t Stop the Serenity. Anne’s contributions to CSTS include covering the website hosting fee.

Browncoat’s Patch Packet – The Browncoats of NYC, the Utah Browncoats, and artisans pennausamike and Yellowjacket have donated their group and expanded Verse patches to the sponsor packs.

Dave Catoe was 2013’s Global Coordinator. This year he donated an autographed graphic novel to our auction.

Dallas Comic Con: This Dallas Texas convention donated 3 items to our global e-bay auction, including a photo signed by most of the Serenity cast.

Done The Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity has once again generously donated DVDs of this story of the rise, fall & rebirth of Firefly, featuring interviews with Joss Whedon, the cast, crew, and the fans themselves. Every event city will find one in their sponsors pack.

Dragonweave Jewelry – Since 2008 Dragonweave has been handcasting sterling silver Serenity pendants especially for our event cities’ sponsor packs. Based in Pennsylvania, this online store offers a wide variety of jewelry ranging from Celtic to Steampunk. They are always eager to hear your comments and suggestions, feel free to drop them a line and share your opinions and ideas.

The Fallen Stars is an Americana Rock band from Southern California who are fervent Browncoats. Their current project “Leaves on the Wind” are songs written for each episode of Firefly. They have donated CDs with the results.

Harmsway Press. Whedon fan & Author J. Merideth Harmon has donated 2 of his books, the Snyper novel and the prequel novella, Murderous Row (both autographed), about Cupid as an assassin.

Mikey Mason reached the pinnacle of Browncoat fame with his hit “She don’t like Firefly”. He’s played at many CSTS events and this year has donated his CD Barbarian Jetpack including the song, Please bring Firefly back.

Papryusaurus is an online store run by Ashley Coyle. She does all sorts of cool things with paper and donated some of it to our sponsors packs.

Devon Pike was the Global Organizer for 2007. He pays for the domain name each year.

Anne ThuongAnne Thuong is a huge fan of Firefly/Serenity and Joss Whedon’s work at large. She admires what he does as a writer, director and activist with Equality Now. She happily contributed her handmade dolls to this season’s auction.

The ‘Verse – a Firefly/Serenity costume club. The ‘Verse is a costuming club for Firefly/Serenity fandom worldwide, and this year have provided cunning handknit orange and yellow toques for event cities.

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