2016 Global Sponsors

Can’t Stop the Serenity is grateful for the helping hands that have stepped forward over the past years in support of Equality Now and the Fans of Serenity. Our Global Sponsors support all of our events and contribute to the global success of Can’t Stop the Serenity. We are also fortunate to have many local sponsors, who support the individual Affiliate and Screening events. We are grateful that we’re welcoming new and returning sponsors from last year. Click here for information on how to become a Global Sponsor.

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Alberta Browncoats LogoAlberta Browncoats are dedicated to doing good in unexpected ways. They have been donating to our Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction for years. This time around they have sent all sorts of special items signed by our favorite Captain.

Albuquerque Browncoats LogoAlbuqerque Browncoats have hosted Can’t Stop the Serenity events since 2008 and they were honored to be the hosts of Browncoat Ball 2012 in Albuquerque NM. They throw shindigs and screenings to raise money for charities, and to have a gorram shiny time introducing folks to the Firefly fandom. This year they have donated many items to the global auction.

Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin needs no introduction to Browncoats. Adam has donated an autograph and a personal possession to this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction. He plays Captain Mike Slattery in the popular TNT drama The Last Ship.

Anne Barringer was the 2009 Global Organizer of Can’t Stop the Serenity and is a long time supporter. Anne’s contributions to CSTS include covering the website hosting fee and donating to the global auction.

Browncoat Ball 2017 - Gettysburg PA Logo.pngThe Browncoat Ball is an annual “Shindig” hosted by a volunteer crew in a different city each year to share the shiny fun all around the ’Verse! Browncoat Ball 2017 is in historic Gettysburg PA – the weekend of August 11-13 – hosted by the Pennsylvania Browncoats. The Browncoat Ball has donated some mighty fine collectibles to the CSTS global auction.

Bubonicon 49 Logo - NM Sci-Fi / Fantasy ConventionBubonicon is New Mexico’s longest running Sci Fi / Fantasy Literary Convention. Held in Albuquerque NM each year in August, it features: author panels, artists, science experts, costume contest, art show, vendors, two charity auctions, and more. Bubonicon has donated Firefly collectibles to the CSTS global auction.

California Browncoats LogoCalifornia Browncoats are hosting this year’s Can’t Stop the Serenity Global Auction on their eBay site, as they have graciously done for many years. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting the fandom of Firefly & Serenity and other projects of their cast & crew through charitable works. They can be found at conventions, screenings, and shindigs throughout California.

Cari Slings LogoCari Slings is located in North Carolina and creates beautiful, geeky, jacquard woven baby slings for carrying your baby by “babywearing”. They have a whole line of ’Verse-inspired designs for Browncoat parents! Their wraps are woven solely with quality natural fibers. Cari Slings has donated a super-shiny Kaylee-inspired baby sling to our global auction.

 Con Man Logo - Alan NathanCon Man is the new comedy series by Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and PJ Haarsma, which broke crowd-funding records on their Indigogo campaign. Now part of Lionsgate’s Comic Con HQ channel, they are currently filming Season 2. The Con Man team provided some wonderful autographed items and collectables to the CSTS Global team to add to our global auction.

Jen Cummings has been a proud supporter of Can’t Stop the Serenity since its beginnings in 2006. She has been a local event organizer in Melbourne and Vancouver, and has been involved at the global level since 2009. Jen has also been a Can’t Stop the Serenity mentor and is the President of New Melbourne Browncoats.

Dark Horse ComicsDark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic book publisher in the US and has been supporting CSTS for many years. They have published many Serenity comic series, including: Serenity: Those Left Behind (the original movie tie-in), Serenity: Better Days, Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale, and Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (the story after the movie). This year they have donated a wide assortment of items to the Sponsor Pack.

Equality Now works for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls around the world. Working with grassroots women’s and human rights organizations and individual activists since 1992, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support efforts to stop these human rights abuses. Their mission is to achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world. This year they have donated a generous amount of Equality Now promotional items, including shiny pins (literally), key-chains, mugs, and t-shirts (some with Joss Whedon’s design!).

Fallen Stars - Leaves on the Wind - CD Album CoverThe Fallen Stars are an Americana Rock band from Southern California who are fervent Browncoats. The Fallen Stars’ current project “Leaves on the Wind” are songs written for each episode of Firefly. They have donated Leaves on the Wind CD albums to the Sponsor Packs, as well as donated a portion of proceeds from album sales to Can’t Stop the Serenity.

Sean Faust - Signal CoverSean Faust Sean Faust is a singer-songwriter in the alternative/ progressive rock genre from New Jersey. He’s been playing CSTS events since 2008. In 2014 Sean released his song “Signal” inspired by the movie Serenity. He donates 50% of sales from “Signal” to Equality Now on behalf of CSTS each year. He’s currently recording his next album and writing new songs about our shiny crew’s adventures for the 2017 CSTS season.

Charlie Fitch has been a proud supporter of Can’t Stop the Serenity since 2008. He has been a local event organizer in Albuquerque NM and Santa Fe NM, and has been involved at the global level since 2016. Charlie was also a co-host of Browncoat Ball 2012 and serves on the Browncoat Ball Steering Committee. He has donated several rare Serenity collectibles to the CSTS global auction.

Fireflyprops.netFireflyprops.net is the premier Firefly and Serenity prop collectors forum and marketplace. “From Sihnon to St. Albans, the best prop discussion board in the ’Verse.”

Geek and Sundry LogoGeek & Sundry Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry is the epicenter of gaming and lifestyle for pop culture fans with an independent spirit, bringing together people from all over the world who love things in counter-culture. Home to TableTop with Wil Wheaton, the all-star voice actors that bring Dungeons & Dragons to life in Critical Role, and the series LARPs. They have generously allowed us to show some of their great content.

Phillip Kendall has been volunteering with the Dallas Can’t Stop the Serenity for 8 years. He came to his first event in 2008 and knew it was something he wanted to be a part of. He believes strongly in the work Equality Now does and is proud to be a part of something that has real meaning and helps make a difference in people’s lives. Phillip is donating a variety of Whedony autographs.

Looney LabsFirefly FluxxLooney Labs is a friendly little game company that publishes the Fluxx series of card games. Fluxx is the company’s best known product, but they have published many other award-winning games. This is their first year as a CSTS sponsor and they have donated Firefly Fluxx games to the Sponsor Pack.

Firefly Cargo Crate Logo - Loot CrateLoot Crate Browncoats know Loot Crate as the company that has put out great Firefly-themed crates full of collectibles, as well as the producers of the highly praised fan film “The Verse”. They donated a bunch of shiny loot to our annual Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction.

North Texas Browncoats LogoNorth Texas Browncoats Dallas/Fort Worth is a Can’t Stop the Serenity foundation city, proudly celebrating its 11th annual CSTS event in September 2016. The North Texas Browncoats have contributed vintage Can’t Stop the Serenity lanyards to the Sponsor Packs for this year’s participating events.

Browncoats of New York City LogoLeslie Maynard from the Browncoats of New York City, has knitted “Cunning Covers” (bathroom tissue covers) in the style of our favorite yellow and orange hat. They also work as cunning baby hats. You can’t take the yarn from her! She knitted one for every CSTS city this year. Leslie hosted the first ten years of CSTS events in New York City.

Kimber McDermott is the owner of Nala Serenity, an Etsy store since 2011. She has created several pieces of jewelry, which she has donated to our global auction.

Sheilah O’Connor has been part of CSTS since the first year. She is donating several items to the Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction.

William T. Pace has been a supporter of the Firefly fandom since the show first aired and he works as a writer, illustrator and prop builder. He has been a CSTS volunteer locally and globally since 2008 and donates his work regularly to Firefly fan projects worldwide. He has donated many different patches from around the ’Verse.

Devon Pike was the Global Organizer for Can’t Stop the Serenity 2007. He pays for the website domain name each year.

Retro & Collectables LogoRetro & Collectibles are a UK supplier of Retro Memorabilia and Movie Merchandise, established in 2014. Retro & Collectibles are excited to be a first year CSTS sponsor, and have donated movie posters and action figures for the global auction.

Rivers and Bridges Brigade, Pennsylvania Brownocats LogoRivers & Bridges Brigade – This fine crew of Pennsylvania Browncoats has been running the Pittsburgh Can’t Stop the Serenity events for many years. When they acquired several very special items signed by Firefly cast and crew members, they knew the best place for them was our global auction.

Ana Maria “Ria” Selvaggio has been an illustrator, writer, and designer (graphic, book, web) for 30 years under the name Renmeleon. New to the CSTS charitable event scene, and the new captain of the Kentucky Browncoats, Ria is donating her skills to the Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction.

Sending a Wave Logo - RiverSending a Wave is a podcast from the UK solely about Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” and subsequent film, “Serenity”. It was started in 2005 by Toni Myers, Wendy Scott and Andrew Thorogood. Other producers / presenters have been Mike Greaves, Andrew Richards and Odile Thomas. It is produced and presented by Wendy Scott for Hand Sewn Audio Productions. Sending a Wave have been joyfully boosting the signal for Can’t Stop the Serenity events since 2007.

Time Science Blood Club LLC owns Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and has been very generous in allowing us to show this work of art at some of our events.

Toy Vault LogoToy Vault has fostered a sincere love of everything they produce. This includes the multiple items they have donated to our auction. “We’re all great fans of Firefly and are committed to creating products that fans will think are absolutely… well… shiny!”

Utah BrowncoatsUtah Browncoats are long time supporters of Can’t Stop the Serenity and the Firefly fandom at large. They gather every year to host events and screenings around the state and raise awareness for the charities of the Big Damn Heroes and Joss Whedon’s work.

Nate Varnadoe is donating on behalf of the 12th “Privateers” Brigade. He is a proud member of the Utah Browncoats.

Janet Varney -Legend of KorraJanet Varney is a writer, producer, actor and improviser based in Los Angeles. She hosts the innovative podcast The JV Club (featuring guests including Sarah Silverman, Connie Chung, Christina Hendricks, and more) and is the voice of the title character on Nickelodeon’s wildly popular animated show, The Legend of Korra. She has appeared on numerous television series and films including Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, and in the Emmy Award-nominated Burning Love. She has donated several wonderful signed items to our global auction.

Wash-O-Saurus LogoWash-O-Saurus has a Browncoat mission: “To bring nerdy goods to those that need ’em.” Wash-O-Saurus is the creator of the original Browncoat silicon wristband, Kaylee patch set, and Juggling Goslings. They have donated a selection of their wares to the Can’t Stop the Serenity global auction.

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