So you’ve heard about this wonderful event called “Can’t Stop the Serenity”, and think you’d like to get involved. That’s great! The more the merrier. It’s a very rewarding experience, you learn so much, and you meet some great people.

Types of Events

There are two types of events – Screening events and Affiliate events:

  • Screening Event – The majority of CSTS events are Screening events. This means that the event includes a screening of “Serenity”. You can include all sorts of other things in your event as well, such as raffles, auctions, contests and other multimedia (pending licensing arrangements).
  • Affiliate Event – If you can’t organise a Screening Event, an Affiliate event may be the answer. This can be any kind of event, such as a BBQ, Dr Horrible screening, dance party, musical performance, trivia night etc.

Event Registration

For information on hosting an event in your area, click here.

Resources and Helpful Hints for Events

If you need some ideas along the way, check out the Event Resources page and our Forum.